eBay Is Impossible To Work With


OLDTYMETOYSTORE 30000+ feedback over 45000-50000 feedback given 1996-2004
1999-2000 was flown to First Ebay LIVE. Ebay Pays hotel and Expenses and then wants me to teach classes on my trade practices and how I do EBay. ??????I just walked around and enjoyed California. Auction Works Ginnypigf program involved with the highest volume Sellers Fly to ebay in California hang out with Meg Whitman and all the Losers high ups. Listening to there garbage about how much they care. 
Ebay has ruined me financially mentally, my company grossed 550,000.00 58yers before I was hit with a Hurricane IVAN 2004 Cad 3 destroyed my town. I was without power for 6 weeks. We caught a ton of Negatives. No email, No phones, Cells nothing we called Ebay told them the situation. We set up a generator shipped 800 item 3-5 weeks late. Ebay said sorry. Too many negatives. The said the only way we could reinstate the account was to have every single negative resolved and emailed to TRUST AND SAFETY. Which were 800+ over 2004-1996 the Post Office was closed for 2 weeks. One of my stores was in the mall the Mall was closed for structural damage 6 weeks we couldn’t get the items that had sold on eBay to ship. Our bill was 4000.00 a month with us being restricted/ kicked off with no money we couldn’t pay the bill. We tried to resolve all the FEEDBACK it was a joke. NO FUNDS and all businesses in shambles we finally opened up another account that lasted 2 years and it had issues with feedback. I was always victim to Buyer/ sellers.


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