eBay Has Changed A Lot


I'm an ebay seller. I sell name brand clothing and accessories. I started the business when I was still in grad school 7 years ago and stopped 5 years ago after graduation and left with a lot of inventories. Recently I decided to clean out all the inventories and be done with ebay forever. Boy I was shock by how much ebay has changed. I've read a lot of stories online about how ebay treats sellers and how they recklessly frozen seller accounts just because one buyer complaints without knowing the whole picture. I have personal experience with ebay customer rep and I know how rude they are and how little to zero help they provide. I wish there is another market place for people to sell items online other than ebay. But none of them attract enough buyers yet. I hate ebay and I hate that I'm contribute a great amount to ebay. I hope ebay business goes down hill and I hope that will be near future.


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