PayPal Double Charged Me


They have paid someone twice from my account. After long conversations the outcome is that its going to take ten days for the money to be put back into my account.  Even though the trader credited back Paypal the same day.
So, Paypal realistically has taken my money out of my account and wont give me it back for ten days.
Thanks Paypal for putting me through a horrendous two weeks.
I'm a single parent struggling with heart disease and a 4yr old boy
I've explained to Paypal all this, (I'm 53yr old and had a heart attack 3yrs ago, lost my wife 2yrs ago)......... please understand this is true, I'm not exaggerating.
To no avail. The amount in question is only £108.  BUT! I NEED THIS TO LIVE ON UNTIL MY NEXT BENEFITS CHEQUE COMES IN ( 2 WEEKS)
The first moneys was for Xmas presents for my son.  The second sum of money Paypal is hanging on to it.
It has to be a trip to the pawn shop.  Something I've not had to do since 1978.    I'm totally depressed.
How can they do this? Obviously I will not use them again.


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