Dont Delay Close Today


Seems like the Paypal team are at it again! Just before Xmas they decide to action a 21 day cooling off period before they transfer monies to the bank.
It's a total disgrace and again proves the big boys don't give a stuff about people’s cash flow and survival. I have moved to another provider who pays within 2-3 days and cost about the same. I would urge ALL who have Paypal (the name Pal suggests it's friendly but not in this case!) to close their accounts and move to other providers. Paypal, in my opinion have lost the plot. They say it's to do with refunds! What a load of rubbish, it's just to have the money in their system longer! Maybe there short of cash? Anyway, take a stance, let the big boys know we will not stand for this type of action and close your accounts, then maybe they will understand that they are dealing with Human beings and not machines. Don't delay close today!


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