Do Not Keep Your Money With Paypal


Don't keep your money in PayPal.  After 5 years on eBay and one year on PayPal they suspended my account with $2527.00.  NO reason, no dispute, no complaint, no nothing!  So far 2 months have passed, and I have to wait another 4 months till they release my money.

Imagine this:  PayPal has 100 million clients, if they suspend accounts of only one percent of customers, that is one million people, and if each has $2000.00 in his account, that is 2 Billion Dollars that they use the principal and the interest for 6 months.
Why should PayPal use my $2527.00 for 6 months?  with how many thousand and million clients do they do this ?

Every time I attend stamp, coin and Paper Money Show I tell other dealers and collectors:  DO NOT KEEP YOUR MONEY IN PAYPAL, withdraw immediately, and do not be a victim like me.

PS.  I deal in stamps, coins and Banknotes, have been selling on eBay for years, have my websites, and member of APS and IBNS.


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