Copyright Problem


hi i am writing because last year my ebay and paypal account was frozen. they said it was due to a copyright issue with the items i was selling. i contacted ebay and they said the only way to get my account back was to get the copyright owner to pardon my listings. i contacted the right owner he contacted ebay told them there was no issue with my listings. that they were pulling items but mine were in the clear. this has bean going on for a year now with no outcome i get the same answers every time i call i get the same stuff ..we cannot help you till we hear from the rights owner bla bla bla..i say they already contacted you 6 times..they say have them call us again!!! the rights owner told me they do not have time to keep calling ebay. they told me to have ebay contact them witch they never have.. any advice would be great. i have written everyone of the emails you have on your site here. i just want my account back. i never had a negative transaction either.
thanks tommy


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