Complaints Vs PayPal


I was defrauded by a merchant who violated his own refund policy and who refused to issue a refund for a product I never received. I disputed the charge with PayPal, who had taken all the money in my PayPal account and charged the balance due to my credit card. I spoke with numerous PayPal reps and supervisors, all of whom, I realized, did not know what they were talking about and all of whom made false statements. I think their only purpose is to say anything to get the customer off the phone. They did say they would investigate the case and have a resolution by November 11. I quickly realized that I could not rely on PayPal to do anything and that PayPal was never going to refund my money or investigate this case of criminal fraud. So I disputed the charge with my credit card. Despite their promise to resolve the case by November 111, as of November 27 they have done absolutely nothing and have no intention of doing so. They tell me they are waiting for my credit card company to make a determination of fraud on the part of the merchant. The credit card company has had no dealings with the merchant. Only I and PayPal have. The charge that I disputed with the credit card company was a PayPal charge. The fact that the charge was on behalf of the merchant is irrelevant to the credit card company. All they see is a charge from PayPal. I have asked more than ten PayPal reps why they have refused to dispute a fraudulent charge that was made through and paid by PayPal. Not a single rep has given me any answer. I have also asked them why a credit card company should dispute the charge when the charge was made through PayPal. Again, the reps have refused to answer. As a result PayPal has not refunded the balance of my money to my PayPal account. In short, PayPal wiped out all the funds in my PayPal account for a fraudulent charge that they have refused to investigate. This has all occurred despite their claims that they would investigate and despite their written promise on their website to all PayPal customers that they offer Buyer Protection. PayPal can only get away with their gross negligence and outright criminal activity because their is very little real oversight by Federal and State Regulatory bodies.


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