Changing Email Lead To Problems

I changed my email address on my paypal a/c.  Now if a buyer pays me on ebay their payment does not process into my paypal a/c.  If I invoice them it does.
I have contacted them and although they have activated the 'correct' email the problem still exists.  About 6 months ago the same thing happened to my partner - it was for an item of £300.  The buyer insisted she had paid, it didn't show in his a/c.  We contacted paypal, they said it was the email, to tell the buyer to cancel and pay again, this made the buyer irate and she sent extremely insulting and harassing emails.  Paypal were useless.  My partner closed his ebay and paypal accounts.  We feel they are controlling it is a very unfair system when it goes wrong, there is not assistance or professional customer service.


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