Canceled eBay And PayPal

I'm not sure but I think the link I pressed was to add our story as to why we've chosen to rid our lives of paypal and ebay altogether.  For years our company has spent tens of thousands purchasing everything from computers to solar panels to dvr systems and everything in between.
Paypal offered several "buttons" for our company to use which would enable everyone with an email account to send us money .  It doesn't happen often but off the top of my head we've had three issues this year alone when paypal will accept the money and inform the sender (which occurs before my eyes so I can know whether to release the customers property or not) and of those three particular times the money was held and refused my ability to access that money.
The first time, they stated that the customer used her father's credit card (okay) so that was grounds to accept the money from her but not release it to us as it was intended....days later the problem was resolved.  Occurrence 2 happened when they claim I was not a verified customer (I'm the recipient though) but after seeing the amount of money we have spent with them through the years they apologized and stated it would not happen again and I'm a valued customer and blah blah blah.
Today, a customer whom I know will not be back to pay (again) for my services and parts for his computer, arrived without cash but had a credit card.  I don't accept credit cards at this store and don't have a machine for it so I referred to him our website with the paypal "button" and instructed he follow the paypal prompts to make payment.  He did and paypal verified on the spot that the funds had been transferred to my account.  I released the computer only to find that it wasn't true.  The funds were being held due to the fact that we don't have a bank account listed with paypal and only had a credit card (which is the means of all our payments....we keep a minimum of $500.00 on the card at all times and it has always served us (as well as ebay and paypal) for all these years. Suddenly I was being told that I would NOT receive my money and now was being extorted to investing in a bank account and that the account will have to be entrusted to paypal/ebay/squaretrade.
You might say well what's the big deal, just give them the bank account or leave.  Okay, I left but having said that I left is not enough.  I think the reasoning as to why we choose to not invest in a bank is that this government which is obviously bought out by the lobbyists that bring bagfuls of money to curtail the better ethics of those decision makers that lord over us and profiteer at every turn....well, you wouldn't invest in a company that was going belly up would you?  What about one that lied to you (weapons of mass destruction, tin planes flying through steel and concrete buildings, etc.) or that kills you (waco, ruby ridge, and I can tell you two incidents in which you've never heard of where kids were blatantly murdered before my very eyes but the media told a whole different story to the local community as to what happened while the rest of the country heard nothing)...
I can go on and on about why I choose not to invest in a bank right now (the fact that we've been looted to the tune of some 19trillion in debt ought to be enough for a thinking individual; but when you own the media and the curriculum in those "schools"....well, anything can be sold to the masses.
It's just my personal choice to not partake in the whore's sin (and what does a whore do?  She sells herself....revelations 17&18 for those that might claim to be christians all the while toting guns in the "be all you can be" marketing scheme...'s said that those that overcome shall be saved?  For any of you that want choices (as opposed to two which are owned by democrat and republican, verizon and brighthouse, macintosh and microsoft, etc.) consider amazon and amazon pay for one.
Remember folks, if you give tacit acquiescence to the goings on with these corporations (bush=haliburton/cheney=harken energy) your kids will pay the price.


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