Call Center In Philippines

I’m on vacation in Malaysia, tried to use my paypal verified premier member account of 9 years to buy $21 on groupon. They instantly limited my account. made me upload a copy of my drivers license. Wanted me to resend bank account numbers. called their office in Nebraska, found out It was a call center in the Philippines. Took 20 minutes of arguing till I got someone from Paypal. Said they fixed the problem, still couldn't make my purchase, said my bank account did not exist, even though it said on the paypal website my bank account was still verified. Still waiting for a response from their garbage email system. They told me they shutdown my account to protect me, but yet they allow some shady call center in the Philippines to access my personal information.
I wrote letters to the Canadian media, hoping maybe they will pick up my story to warn others. I also informed paypal, I plan on taking them to small claims court for the emotional distress they have caused, along with the use of a call center in Philippines to access my personal information that I had no knowledge of.


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