Buyers Get Free Stuff

Paypal what a bunch of incompetent fools, I sold an item to a buyer and he damaged it when he tried to fit it and then decided to get paypals help in screwing me over with a refund, when i refused he started a dispute and then came the threats etc from him and because he got nowhere with that he escalated to a claim, well paypal went all the way and froze the funds that i had in the account it was about 108 dollars not much i know but still it would buy you some Christmas cheer, and then they informed me i owe them another 35 dollars which that put me into a negative balance, so i shut my account at the bank i am with so they couldnt get into it to take any money and that caused me more concern which when i did this it added more fuel to the fire and now paypal harasses me along with ebay as now they cant get the fees from paypal that i owe them, I told them that paypal has my money and they can bloody well go chase them for it. anyway paypal hasn’t helped one little bit with the dispute all they do is keep sending me emails telling me the same old BS, i even sent an express envelope with all the info in it to USA, photos etc of the item i sold along with one of their stupid affidavit BS forms and now i get more stupid emails telling me to hurry up and send info or they will close the case, they already closed it once in the buyers favor but i appealed but after reading what i seen here on this sight i dont stand a chance, how do i stop the harassing emails telling me to pay or suffer being put onto a debt collection agency, I have been on ebay for about 4-5 years i did have 100% feedback with 452 items bought and sold but now because the scamming buyer gave me a negative i have lost that too, geez i cant even retaliate with a negative boy did ebay think that one out, all that happens now is that buyers can get free stuff or in my case break what they bought and get a refund leaving the seller with something that is unfit to sell thus leaving them out of pocket and PAYPAL helps them, this story is really no different than some i have read on this forum and i feel for all people that has had to deal with payapl and ebay


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