Buyer Filed Not As Described Claim


Buyer purchased a parts laptop from me that was clearly listed as "Non functional with unidentified Problem" to be sold as parts only.  Buyer filed a not as described claim stating that they were unable to take the laptap about because bolts here used to put it together (untrue). PayPal removed the funds from my account immediatley, although I had been selling over eight years without any prior disputes. I wasted hours providing proof that the buyers claim was incorrect. Paypal sided with buyer and refunded their money. Laptop was returned to me with missing and switched out parts. Lately PayPal keeps putting 21 day holds on my funds which I can maybe understand because I recently moved to another state but......they did it again when I applied and received their debit card and again when I agreed to cancel a transaction because the buyers teenage son bid and won my auction without her permission. PayPal sucks! 


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