Bought HP Printer on eBay


I purchased an HP All-in-one printer (used) off of Ebay and in order to purchase the item I had to pay through pay pal. The price was reasonable, the seller said that it worked perfectly, and the seller had a 99% feedback rating, so I felt confident to purchase it. Of coarse now the printer doesn't work correctly when I receive it.It was stating alignment error upon installation. Well I went ahead and got it fixed because I was in desperate need of a printer for school assignment. It only took a day to fix and so I send the seller an email explaining the situation. Set up the dispute through ebay and of course Ebay cant handle it because I used Pay Pal. After about 6 weeks later I receive an email stating that I won the dispute but I need to send the printer back to the seller. I didnt want to send the printer back to the seller because I had got it fixed. I wasnt asking for a full refund but a partial refund to cover the cost of getting it fixed and being deceived by the seller that never even tested the color functions but said printer worked perfectly on his display of the item. I presented pay pal with the bill of getting it fixed but yet they kept insisting that I send it back (at my cost) and get a refund minus original shipping. This entire time I cant speak to a human being and explain the situation because the whole damn thing is automated.  So in reality what I have done is paid to fix the sellers printer for free. I went through all that trouble just fix someone else's JUNK! Pay Pal makes it seem as I won yet keeping the seller happy. He gets a printer fixed for free and gets to sell his P.O.S to another unsuspecting customer. The whole process is flawed! From ebays feedback algorithm to pay pals dispute process.


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