Bought DSLR Camera On eBay


Bought a DSLR camera on ebay paid by Paypal, 2 months later and only mused the camera twice because of illness, I am disabled)found camera would not read any memory cards, informed seller, and returned camera, will not bore you with details, but 19 emails on and 2 months down the road no camera and loss of £200m tried recourse through Paypal, waste of time could not even open a queery because of their 28 days or so to create had passed, tried to get recourse through My credit card protection but because of Paypal's small print cannot, now have to go through small claims court, closed paypal account, so will not use EBAY as most transactions now require Paypal, will stick with Amazon now as I have used them for years without problem, stuff Paypal and Ebay, there promises of safety and cover not worth the paper they are printed on.


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