Bought Fake Car Via Paypal


A while ago I asked for help finding the Paypal address in Amsterdam - Holland, can you help? This because I bought a toy car with electric operated engine, - Fahrschulmodell Höhm chassis von 1956 - the seller sold me shit, no more contact with him, failed a Paypal claim and they say, sorry you bought a real car! And they didn't write it by mistake, they wrote the same thing 5 times! I have send them prove it's a toy, sold at least 20 times over ebay with buyer protection, with the auction numbers to it.

Then they wrote, you picked it up yourself and should have not bought it. Wrong again I wrote them, it was picked up by a shipping co. After that they wrote we will no longer answer you. I'm planning to go to Amsterdam and visit this idiot and ask him for a ride on my model. We will make a nice movie for youtube as well.....

Another thing that surprises me is, it was offered with paypal's buyer protection, but if I look at the auction it's gone. Seller accepted Paypal as for payment, so I think I'm protected?

Any other ideas?

Thanks again for your help,



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