Bleeding More Money From Sellers

Paypal is now, for some arbitrary reason, holding all my sale funds for 21 days. They've NEVER done this to me before but now, suddenly, BAM, I don't get my money for 21 days while PayPal I'm sure earns interest off of my money. So not only do they charge me outrageous fees for doing practically NOTHING for me, they are now using my money to their own selfish advantage. THE CURE = in every auction I put up from now on this will be written: "ATTENTION: I (and many many other PayPal customers) have just been notified that PayPal is once again changing its rules for payments.

PayPal has arbitrarily decided to hold all payments ie prevent sellers from accessing their money, for 21 business days. This of course is just their way of bleeding more money out of us sellers. How this affects the buyer of this bass guitar means that shipment of this item will be made when PayPal releases your payment to me. Sorry - it's all on PayPal for this BS!"

Dan Daddieco


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