Black Balled From PayPal


I am one of the many many innocent people who have been black balled from PayPal. I will let you all in on a little secret of paypal that most people do not know about. If you are selling a digital product such as information, eBooks or anything of that nature that does not require a physical package to be delivered to a physical address. YOU ARE NOT covered by buyer seller protection. I’ll tell you my story. Awhile back I sold a digital product and the buyer used a credit card through paypal. The cost was roughly $500. I used the funds to pay some bills and so on. Then about 3 weeks later, he does a charge back on his card. I thought to myself, don't worry I’m covered by buyer seller protection, it even told me so on the website during that transaction. To my surprise when my account got locked down and I contacted paypal, they informed me that I WAS NOT covered for the fact I stated above about the physical address and so on.
Here is what I went as far as to do.
I showed paypal all proof of the transaction, all chat logs and emails. Both before and after the transaction. Yes even the ones AFTER where the buyer even STATES in writing that he has received the product and all that jazz.

Here is paypal's reaction to this information.
They locked down my account, tried to take the $500 out of my paypal account to compensate for the money they had to give to the guy’s credit card company. Dropped my paypal account way negative, tried to go after the funds from my bank account. My bank calls me and I put a stop to that shenanigans. They then try to hit my bank account a few more times. My bank, thank goodness brick walls them. They then Black ball me from ever using paypal again unless I pay them the funds that I "owe to them". Wait I owe them? Where does paypal get off saying I owe them anything in this situation? HERE IS A TIP PAYPAL, while you are holding the funds, awaiting for the "investigation" to complete before you make your decision on where the funds belong. If the buyer DOES NOT email you back like you said he didn’t and the seller PROVIDES PROOF BEYOND A DOUBT that the transaction did in fact happen to the degree that I provided you with. What makes you think your in the right by awarding the funds back to the buyer and then black balling the seller from ever using you again?????? Black ball as in, if I make a new account and the info matches that account, which it does cause I still live at same place and my name is still the same name, you INSTANTLY CLOSE THE ACCOUNT. How did this happen?


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