Bill Me Later Cost Me Now


Wow and double Wow! After some 12 years of buying/selling on E-Bay have gone through PayPal with their later child from "hell"-yep Bill Me Later. Finally had it with the whole mess with larger fees, no one you could contact, $63 owed me from some 9 years ago that could not get back, etc. Closed out everything January 13, 2011 paying them some $537 which was all that was owed. Few months ago they contacted me by phone-no E-mails-no mail in between that owed them $95 plus a $35 late fee? Huh? Checked and it was confirmed that "they" closed the account due to suspected fraudulent activity. They could not tell me what the charges were-they told me to find it out from PayPal on line. Problem was "account closed" and "account locked" with no access possible. Finally after 7 reps on phone they said they would charge me $10 (ten bucks) for a paper rendering to me of account? Huh? Now the bill is over $212 with late fees and interest. Cannot file this Police report for fraud because I cannot find out the charges, the dates, or anything for that matter. Without this essential information they would simply call the local psych hospital and truck me off in a straight jacket! They have been sent the exact provisions a total of four times including one certified letter return receipt requested(got receipt back with "rubber stamp") citing Cease & Desist plus exact provisions-however, they continue to call me and send me threatening letters.  Scrooge could take some lessons from these blood sucking vampires. Have reported them to the Consumer Protection Board in the State they send bills from for Bill me Later, the Better Business Bureau (they are not a member), and the Federal Trade Commission. They have assigned case numbers already to my complaints. In California there are two class action suits by consumers against PayPal/Bill Me Later. The sellers now are being treated poorly with little recourse against buyers who would make up any excuse to not pay the sellers. There should be a class action suit across America to "shut" them "down" and pay damages to all affected by their unsavory business practices.


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