Banned For Depositing My Own Money


So here's my story. I had a paypal account for 2 years with two bank accounts, credit card, and the paypal debit card. I have two paypal accounts, one Premier and one as a personal account, since we are allowed to have one of each. I use my premier account to sell on ebay and my other one for little everyday things. I decide to put 4000 bucks into my premier account and a few hours later...LIMITED. I then give them all my info, drivers license, social security number, the whole works. A day later they said I was banned from ever using paypal... I seriously crap bricks at this point. I was like there is no way I am waiting 6 months to get my money out. I call my bank and stop the funds on that check that was pending and viola, got my money back before it was released to paypal. I have seriously NO clue why I was banned. I was a customer for TWO YEARS and now this.
I went to the resolution center and because I was moving a lot of money that it looked "suspicious" and therefore they banned me apparently.. I call them and they cant do anything. Its seriously like some stupid robot is in charge of paypal. Shesh... Banned for depositing my OWN money... what the hell. I seriously think their business plan is seriously frakin shady. This is just not right. I read over their terms of service and I didnt violate a single thing on there. But who would ever know since their entire company is run by a freaking robot. Pfff and their employees... , they wont ever question the oooh mighty robot (aka "their system") or else they'll probably be fired. Screw paypal, that’s my rant, and off to find something else to use.


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