Animals Are Euthanized Because Of PayPal


I started an internet store about 10 years ago after my husband became permanently disabled in the air force while serving overseas. Our store did decent business. We also ran an animals boarding facility to off-set our store's slow times. After Tom's benefits came through, financial I didn't have to work. We have 2 small children and his care and doctoring is 2 full times jobs. We live on a farm. during the past 5 years, we had contracted with our county and city to act as the animal impound - their current vet who was handling the impound wasn't doing it anymore and they were euthanizing literally hundreds of animals. The animals that came in to us that were not claimed we worked with on training, personality, medical and general care until we found their forever home. We have several thousands of clients who have shopped with us over the years - they would graciously make donations to help with our rescue by shopping with us or even sending in checks. A client actually asked me to put a donation button on our site. I checked with our AGs office and we didn't need to register for accepting donations as we don't have employees, a professional fund raiser or accept over 25k per year. A month or so ago Paypal contacted us requesting information on our donations and where was our 501c3 paperwork. I told them we are not a 501c3 and explained how we got started and asked what we needed to do. We gave them everything they asked for. They asked and we did the following; We removed all the donation and sponsor an animal buttons, we opened a new checking account that wont be used, we submitted a letter from the bank's Vice President stating they have known us 10+years, they have been here, we run a rescue, and everything they have wanted to see. Over a month of submitting documentation and they refuse to lift our limitations. We can accept orders into our account, but we can not use it to pay our vendors. We don't take a dime out of the store - we kept it open to support the 34+ animals we currently have. Now we don't even have the funds to feed them. They keep coming back and saying that be cause we took in a couple of hundreds of dollars on our site - we now need to be a 501C3 - this would take over a year and cost us about 2k - the money is the reason why we didn't do it in the first place - we couldn't provide any care; feed, medical, shelter. Now we have absolutely nothing financially available to us to feed the animals we currently have - and we have had to turn animals away which have been euthanized as we are the only rescue around. My niece helps run the store and I don't have a lot of flexibility with doctors and children. We have rescued and placed over 500 animals in the past 3 years. My niece and I have been supplying documentation for the past month and always get a different answer - but the most consistent is become a 501C3. You can't even call paypal's compliance department - but no one else can do anything. Please feel free to email if you have any questions or feedback and I look forward to your toolkit as nothing else is working. Take care, JJ


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