Angry Australian


I had online biz selling tele-comunications accessories and unlocked phones, I upgraded my account to merchant biz account and even sent Paypal email telling them in advance of what I was going to do and that there will be spikes in sales from time to time and there maybe larger sums of money for products I'm selling. I had fully functional website with paypal button at end of each do-flicky I was selling and in the few 11 days I took in about $4k in sales what I noticed is once I hit about $800 dollars in sales they sent me emails telling me they where going to limit my account unless I could prove there was no money laundering / I was not supporting terrorist network- the emails I have printed off and kept words to the effct "under the money laundrying-anti terrorist support act" we need to ensure your account is being used for commercial purposes you need to provide us with all your personal information, they emails esclasted more and more to the point where all the money was locked up tighter than fishes arse. I could refund money however I could not transfer the money into my personal bank account to pay my suppliers-I sent threw total of 5 faxes I was not getting anywhere fast and felt REALLY ANGRY, I could have punched hole threw 6 foot solid piece of contrete...these arse whipes failed to respond until I discovered one thing that got me threw to their call centre I pushed a button threw the voice mail asking if I was merchant account holder I pushed 1 for yes and next thing I was speaking to real person I spoke to that person as calm as I could and they fixed my problem in 30 seconds after sweeting bullets having to refund most if not all of my customers...that online biz would still be poppin with sales today however I did not want to wait for merchant account threw the bank as I was testing to see if this could make money, I have found a company here in Australia called "" they act like paypal however they are regualated by Australian banking system...Paypal are not a bank they are a merchant so that being the case from what I found out they are not bound by any laws becasue they are not financial insitution they simply convey money that being the case here in Australia they can do what ever they feel like-they suggested I was laundering money and or suggested I was using money to support terrorist network-under some "act" what load of shit I told these asre holes in advance what exactly I was doing I had fully functional website they could have checked and seen where the money was coming from however they have a system where you cant talk to anyone and get straight answer if I ever meet anyone from paypal dont care who they are I will punch them right in mouth for fucking up my online biz it's hard enough in todays economy without having to be screwed over by these dick licking arse holes, they still get their fee so who cares what or where the money is coming from in my case you could have seen my website in second known I was retailing in demand products...FUCK paypal fuck anyone who works for them they are so lucky I did not have money at that time to fly across the country to their head office otherwise I would have shirt fronted the office staff they would have changed their ways pretty quick, still to this day I still hear Paypal are STILL fucking people over.

Give me 90 seconds alone with CEO without saying a word or getting physical he would know how pissed off I still am 3 years later.

I'm single father of three every dollar counts I've found other ways to collect money for other enreteprenual ideas and I have told every on social media my story as well.

So If this ever gets to paypal tell them they can kiss my sorry ass and lick my hairy, sweetty balls I want all my personal information destroyed and for them to go outof biz would make it even between me and them.



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