Account Validation Nightmare


No matter how many hoops I jump through to validate my account or sale of an item, PayPal deems it necessary to continue to create new rules for every transaction that consistently lengthens the amount of time your funds remain unavailable. I have VERIFIED my account with banking info, provided the tracking number for the buyer, and have even called them to figure out how I can get my money faster, because while PayPal holds my funds, the interest on the value of that funding is depleting over time. It should not take 20 Goddamn days to process funds from a sale, and while that funding sits on their books, even if they aren't voluntarily gaining interest on my money, I am losing. I have met my end of the deal, PayPal, now you give me my money! I'm tired of all the requirements I have to meet because of PayPal's ridiculous amount of conditions needed to be met by sellers, in order to retrieve money from their sale. They provided me with the logic that as the buyer has no guarantee, that I am going to provide them with a product at point of sale, and that's justification for withholding my funds? No, when I place an order with Amazon or any other online retailer, there's no guarantee that my product is going to show up. I simply have to trust that the retailer will send it to me. The same applies to my selling an item on Ebay. No on stops Amazon or any other online store from acquiring my money for funding when I make a purchase. PayPal is just a middleman that just creates a depletion of value for sellers. They charged me $15.00USD for the service, and after twenty days of interest lost, who knows how much more money I lost in the process. PayPal you suck!


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