Account Limited For Christmas


Weekend before christmas i withdrew my money from paypal, approx 2200, saved from selling handbags. monday they limited my account because they can, supplied all the tracking info as requested still nothing. 5 useless phone calls, had them hanging up on me, saying they work there alone and there is no supervisor or nobody else at all to talk to. The 6th man, sorted it out and by midday christmas eve it was back to normal, so i thought ill buy the presents i need from ebay, soon as i bought them bang! limited again this time for having more than one account and one of them had been related to a suspected fraud transaction???? never had another account. now they say dont post the items until 180days for payments to clear, even though week before they asked for tracking number. The guy who sorted it first time, marco, extension 71563 limitations department, he said its been flagged because they dont like us taking money out, his exacts words, and twice he said buyer seller satisfaction has to be insured twice i said well i the seller am not satisfied then it quickly changed to buyer only. Now they have unheld the payment for the presents i bought from my side but still held for the person i bought from and then placed refunds for the last 3000 of my sales but also put them on hold. So ive posted everything out, the buyers are i assume getting refunds and ive bought expensive electronic gifts which i dont look like im going to receive, because of this my paypal balance is -2600. 2600 in the red plus all the stock ive sent out!! mother f**king smelly spineless bastards...i shagged all their mums the sons of bitches!!


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