Account Hold Is Appalling

I have been an Ebay member for many many years.  My feedback quality score is perfect - 100%.  I recently sold some collectible music books and sheet music worth $250.00 for $45.00.  My buyer paid me via PayPal of course, no choice in the matter, and PayPal held my net amount of $42.42 for 21 days. Every time I inquired about my money all I got was a stupidly written boiler plated response from some robot.  Today I finally got a notice that my money had been taken off hold.  Now I have to wait another 3-4 days for PayPal to do an electronic transfer to my bank, which, in any other situation would take a maximum of maybe 6 hours.  PayPal is using my money and everybody else's money to reinvest and make even more money for themselves.  There was no justification whatsoever for PayPal to put my money on hold.  Their actions were arbitrary and in my opinion, criminal in nature.  From now on, all of my Ebay postings will read: "Payment via PayPal, DIRECT, ie not via Ebay, is preferred. Your item will ship, IMMEDIATELY!  If you chose to pay via Ebay/PayPal, your item will ship when PayPal transfers your payment to my bank."
As you can tell, I HATE PayPal and I so wish that there was a good alternative to Ebay - but I have yet to find one - but when I do - ALL of my business will happily go to an Ebay's competitor, and that competitor will receive as much free and positive advertising that my fingers can pound out on my keyboard.
PayPal really does SUCK!


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