Account Frozen For Issuing Refund

My paypal account was frozen after I refunded a buyer's money "the wrong way" . I was told to fax or email various information. I am almost done with the faxing and imagine i will be waiting for a long time to get the money out. (around $1,000.00) i have spent what little i have to ship the items so i wouldn't get kicked off ebay. that didn't work. today they suspended my ebay account due to the paypal issue (they said so in an email). now all the buyers are putting in claims for their money and lving neg. feedback. i am circling the drain at this point. not sure what to do now. i know there is no point in calling them. I am at their mercy to release the money. i have decided not to send the rest of the items, and let paypal refund those buyers money, to limit my own losses. it sucks though, because this was working for me for over a month, until they restricted the account. hard to believe they continue to get away with this! I will recover, i feel bad for the huge companies that lost everything. its like orwell's 1984 all over again!



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