Accessing Money Made On Ebay Is No Easy Task

I have used a paypal debit card for 3 years to access the money I made selling on ebay, this card was mostly used to purchase items at our Grocery store. My card expired 2 months ago and had a hard time contacting someone to receive a new card, It seems paypal does not like people who receive their mail in a secure, locked Post Office Box, they prefer I receive my mail in an unsecure, unlocked, unprotected mail box by the road side in a rural community.  Finally I was promised that I would receive a new card, after 6 weeks and no new card I phoned again and finally was able to speak to a man who said I would have to apply for a new card since mine had been expired so long, which I did, and was turned down immediately because I still use a post office box to receive mail. Is this not crazy discrimination on paypal's behalf?  What difference does it make if I receive my mail in a P.O. Box or a rural roadside box. I think paypal and ebay, which is all one company, is a ripoff and should be investigated but which department in our great country has the nerve to do it?


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