2 PayPal Accounts 1 Big Problem

Had two accounts in the past.    One a personal and one a business..  a real legetimate actual corporation account.

Almost 5 years ago I sold a classic truck with my personal account.  2 months later,  the buyer complains (whih by the way, the vehicle was shipped out of state, and the title had ben transfered).  They intiate a chargeback with paypal..  after a month.. surprisingly, Paypal, sides with me and states that all was legal and the sale was legit.  Then another 2 months pass, and the buyer does a chargeback with their credit card..  less than 3 days and paypal pays the buyer over $1900.  Then tries to debit my personal account for the money.  The money was not there since I do daily transfers and keep a zero balance in that account.    So in short..  I fought for 2 years with them over that account and finially said F**k you Paypal,  they buyer stole the money from your dumbass not from me... you will not expect for me to pay you for a vehicle I will never see again.

Three more years,, of course no more personal account... My company is doing great on ebay..  Making good money on sales and such. The only reason we used paypal,  was for Ebay,  because it is the dominant payment method.        Well somehow, suspicious charges appeaed, and we intitiated a fraud alert,    two months ago,  paypal says the account has been linked to my personal account from over five years ago...    they say my company must pay $1900  to resolve the account.  Since the companies account has been locked.  Payments elsewhere have defaulted because of this,  and one employee has lost his job over this...(could not afford to pay him since paypal has locked the funds in the account).  It has cost the company more than the $1900  in overage costs since payments were defaulting and we were getting fees,  plus nsf fees because of automatic payments being returned.  Not to mention the employee lost because of this bullshit


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