21 Day Hold Is BS

I have been selling and buying on Ebay for many years, and I have been using paypal ever since it made its debut!  Why on earth do I have to wait 21 days to receive my money from my paypal account, after I sell an item?  This is absolute BULLSHIT!!  I will not longer utilize paypal! It's time someone creates a new and approved paypal website, and has American speaking employees!  As for credit checks, its time the president of the US, wipes everyone’s bad credit clean, and give everyone a fresh start!  Those of us that are single, divorced people, with children end up with bad credit, because we either, pay a bill or put groceries on the table!  The economy sucks!  SO give those of us with "bad credit" a damn break!  Not everyone has "bad credit" from being shopoholics!!!!!!


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