21 Day Hold Is Affecting My Business


The new "21 day" PayPal policy of holding funds is significantly affecting my ability to sell items on eBay. As a relatively new seller, I am naturally doing my absolute best to establish a positive track record by conducting transactions in a legitimate, honest, timely, and open manner. However, with policies such as holding funds for excess periods until their "criteria" are met, I feel I am not only being hindered in reaching standards (for example, I no longer have the sufficient funds to quickly ship items via an expedited option as I would otherwise like to) but taking a larger risk by pinning my hopes on the shipping and delivery process. Though I believe the majority of buyers are honest brokers as well, there are clearly those looking to scam the system by making false statements, submitting fraudulent disputes, etc. I would certainly feel disadvantaged in these cases with PayPal as the "judge." I don't have an ounce of trust in PayPal. Thank you very much for providing this great eBook


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