$1000 Held For 180 Days

Idiots held my money for 180 days for no reason, then I moved away from the US to Colombia, South America, and the 180 days have passed and now they say the only way to give it back is to a US bank account, lucky coincidence. They played circles around me at first saying they needed a bunch of paperwork to do a wire transfer, next week I call to get the brilliant: we don't do wire transfers anymore!! the only way is to open a US bank account from colombia! which by the way, can't be done and they know it. Now I have 1000 dollars practically lost, one of them is particularly sarcastic to say, "well it may be worth the trip to get your money back" when a fucking plane ticket costs around 1000 dollars back and forth. I have called more than 40 times, I try being the classiest act or a deranged maniac and nothing works. Fuck paypal.


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