Buyer and Seller BEWARE!PayPal User Agreement: HIGHLIGHTS

Under PayPal's User Agreement, you always loose! Here is a bullet summary of what you "agree" to when you signup to use the PayPal "service". For a complete analysis and full explanation of the highlights contained on this page, go HERE.

What is disgusting is not only what PayPal has in this user agreement, but what is NOT in the user agreement. PayPal violates their own user agreement on a daily basis by not disclosing what REALLY happens when users opt in to use their service.

An example of this is: PayPal should place prominately in their user agreement that accounts WILL BE LIMITED and access DENIED to your money if you have a friend or family member that has a limited PayPal account or other PayPal problems.

UPDATE: As of October 9, 2009 PayPal did just that: At the very beginning of their TOS, they placed a "warning" to users that their accounts may be limited at "any time".

Everybody knows PayPal will tie your account with the account of somebody else and make you pay for their mistakes. How many people would sign up then?

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Under PayPal's User Agreement, You Agree:

1. Using PayPal's service is NOT quick, is NOT easy, is NOT convenient, is NOT safe, and is NOT secure.

2. PayPal can make important changes to their user agreement that might endanger your money without your consent.

3. PayPal acts in your interests ONLY in respect to holding your funds. PayPal will do what is in THEIR best interests and NOT YOURS.

4. PayPal can make your private information available to other companies and third parties based on the default settings in your account.

5. PayPal can limit or freeze your account anytime and for any reason. That includes denying you access to YOUR MONEY!

6. PayPal will charge you $10 per page for any information concerning documents that PayPal has that are important to you, that you might request.

7. PayPal has the right to request a credit check on you and then use that information to limit your account and deny you access to your money.

8. PayPal can impose limits on how much money you can send and how much money you can receive.

9. PayPal makes it difficult to close your account without risking the account getting limited or frozen first.

10. Any payments that you send out of your account that are not accepted by the recipient, you agree PayPal can hold this money for up to 30 days.

11. PayPal has the right to take money out of your bank account or charge your credit card anytime they want.

12. PayPal will charge extortion rate currency exchange fees... 2.5% OVER the rate that PayPal purchases foreign currency.

13. PayPal forces you to upgrade to a Premier or Business account so they can make more money with fees.

14. PayPal puts severe restrictions and limitations on Personal accounts in an effort to force its customers to upgrade.

15. Sellers MUST accept credit cards as a funding source exposing these sellers to a very high rate of fraud (that PayPal will not protect you from).

16. PayPal holds YOU responsible for ANY charge backs made against you.

17. All user funds are pooled into FDIC insured bank accounts -- in PayPal's name. PayPal earns interest and/or other benefits from your money. The more money PayPal keeps in these accounts, the more money they make!

18. Your money with PayPal IS NOT INSURED 100%. Should PayPal go bankrupt, your money would be used to pay PayPal's creditors and debts!

19. You agree you will NOT receive any interest payments off your money while PayPal holds your money for you. PayPal gets the interest payments and other banking benefits from your money.

20. PayPal's Money Market Fund is risky and you could loose money with it. Second, this money IS NOT INSURED IN ANY WAY. Your entire PayPal balance could be wiped out due to bad investing by PayPal! Your money could be used to pay PayPal's creditors or debts.

21. PayPal can take money out of your PayPal account to pay past due eBay fees and debts!

22. Non-compliance with the user agreement can allow PayPal to KEEP YOUR MONEY FOREVER!

23. PayPal controls how much of YOUR MONEY you are able to withdraw from your account.

24. If PayPal limits your account, you cannot close your account or withdraw any of your money.

25. PayPal can deny you access to all of your money for 180 days or more.

26. If you do not log into your PayPal account for two or more years, PayPal will give your money to the government (after earning interest and other benefits off of your money).

27. PayPal can restrict what products you buy and sell with their service. PayPal can force you to edit the content of any website with their payment buttons on it.

28. PayPal holds you monetarily responsible for any Reversals, Charge backs, Claims, fees, fines, penalties and other liability incurred by PayPal, a PayPal User, or a third party.

29. PayPal may close, suspend, limit or deny you access to your account and money at their sole discretion and WITHOUT PRIOR WARNING.

30. PayPal can charge you $500 for EACH VIOLATION of their terms of service agreement. PayPal determines if you violated the agreement. That money comes out of your PayPal balance. Can't pay it? PayPal will go after your bank account and credit card.

31. If PayPal sues you, or you sue PayPal, and loose, YOU MUST PAY all of PayPal's expenses and attorney fees.

32. PayPal has NO SELLER PROTECTION POLICY that can be relied on. PayPal spells out in black and white that it is impossible to comply with.

33. If PayPal makes an error that debits money out of your account, you have to wait up to 48 days just to get your money back.

34. You have to wait up to 108 days for PayPal to reimburse you for unauthorized charges to your account (if they rule in your favor).

35. PayPal HAS NO BUYER PROTECTION COVERAGE AT ALL! PayPal admits their protection policy is only PayPal's ability to get the money back from the seller. If PayPal is unable to get the money back from the seller (or unwilling to get the money back from the seller), the buyer gets nothing! PayPal will not pay to enforce its "buyer protection policy."

36. If a PayPal user tries to use PayPal's buyer protection coverage, and then files a chargeback with the credit card company, PayPal WILL fight the chargeback even if the PayPal user is claiming fraud. PayPal automatically fights the chargebacks of its own users.

37. PayPal makes it virtually impossible to qualify for any type of protection under their already useless "buyer protection program."

38. PayPal will resolve disputes between buyers and sellers with only PAYPAL'S BEST INTERESTS IN MIND (yes, the User Agreement says that).

39. PayPal admits the dispute rights that come with your credit card ARE BETTER than anything PayPal offers in buyer or seller protection.

40. If you have a dispute with PayPal you must GO THROUGH BINDING ARBITRATION. The agreement has been modified to allow you to do this procedure over the telephone -- but costs you over $150 (not including the costs for witnesses, evidence and other fees)

41. You can sue PayPal if your dispute is for an amount over $10,000.00.

42. If you sue PayPal, you must file your claim in the jurisdiction of Santa Clara County California (even if you live in Maine).

43. If you violate the user agreement by bringing a legal action against PayPal for amounts under $10,000, or over $10,000 in any legal jurisdiction OTHER THAN what PayPal has written, you must pay PayPal's costs and attorneys' fees


Well, there you have it. These are just the highlights. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what is really in their terms of service -- that the public must agree to in order to use their service. Again, even what is included in the service agreement does not cover what PayPal really does to their customers.

Reading this user agreement makes me angry at the filthy, lying pigs who control PayPal. Ditto for the filthy, lying pigs at PayPal who implement this policy with zeal.

Expect a lot more to come in terms of content on this website about the official PayPal User Agreement as well as the "unofficial" User Agreement nobody really knows about...until it is too late!


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