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Relax. We've done most of the work for you. This is the RESOURCES section of this website. This section will help you file complaints against PayPal -- complaints that will help you get your money back. If you have PayPal problem questions, please go to the FAQ section of this website. This section will explain common Paypal problems that you may be experiencing at the moment. This section covers what to do AFTER you have exhausted all of your options with PayPal.

Question for you: Has PayPal frozen your account for no good reason and denied you access to your money for the next 6 months? Have you been the victim of fraud using the PayPal service and PayPal let the fraudster win?

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RESOURCES: PayPal Problems & Complaints is the section you need to begin with!

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This section is mostly for the benefit of persons living in the United States and its territories. Residents of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Germany, please click on your nation's flag to be taken to an area appropriate for you.

US RESIDENTS: Click on your state and get information about PayPal problems and filing PayPal complaints that are specific to where you live!

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