If you MUST use PayPal...PayPal Magic: Tips & Tricks

Would you ever play Russian Roulette? Probably not. PayPal is almost like this deadly game: with each transaction that you make, it could be financial life or financial death.

PayPal, as a service, is arbitrary and not at all considerate towards your individual needs. However, if for whatever reasons you might have, you want to continue using PayPal (or open another PayPal account), this section is for you. PayPal Magic is a tutorial of tips and tricks that will help you decrease the chances of PayPal limiting or flagging your account.

If you can avoid making some of the common "errors" that a lot of people make when using PayPal, you can learn to survive the Paypal trap another day!

PayPal Magic: Tips & Tricks is divided into sections. Each section is then divided into further sub-sections. Below you will find the TABLE OF CONTENTS / QUICK LINK GUIDE.

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Table of Contents / Quick Link Guide:

REMEMBER: This section is NOT necessarily pro-PayPal -- this section is here to accept the reality that some people want to continue using PayPal. This section is intended to be a neutral education guide on how to use PayPal properly -- while trying to avoid many of the problems that people get when using PayPal.

This section provides information that you can use! If for no other reason, read it to find out things about the PayPal service that you did not know before!

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