PayPal Problems: Reasons Why PayPal Freezes Accounts

PayPal = FrozenHas your PayPal account hit the Ice Age? Is your money as frozen as Osama Bin Laden's bank accounts? Does PayPal give you that "cold" feeling?

Well, there are some facts about PayPal that are are very clear. First it is a fact that millions of persons use PayPal without ever having a problem.

It is also a fact that millions of users use PayPal and encounter very serious problems. Your experience, my experience and the experience of those millions are a testament to that fact. We are the ones left out in the cold while PayPal burns our money in their fireplace.

This section is here to outline some of the reasons that PayPal limits accounts and denies you access to your money. What is posted here is by all means NOT EVERY REASON. Most of PayPal's procedures are not public -- as of yet.

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Users sign up for the PayPal service not knowing that even one innocent action can cause their PayPal account to be limited. An example of this is logging into your PayPal account from another computer or different ISP than the one you normally use.

PayPal's only hint of these horrors come in its User Agreement: PayPal says it can limit your account and deny you access to your funds for "any reason." For more information on this, please see this site's PAYPAL TOS EXPOSED section. Most users who read the User Agreement would not even give this a second thought. Most persons think if they do everything right and are honest, nothing will happen to them. These users think that PayPal only limits the accounts of "bad people." Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, more "good people" have fallen prey to PayPal's arbitrary system than "bad people." It could very well be argued that it is the "bad people" that benefit the most from PayPal's system: They use PayPal to commit acts of fraud against buyers and sellers -- and PayPal lets it happen.

If you have a PayPal account right now -- and it is still in good standing -- reading this section might save you some trouble down the road. If you are a holder of a PayPal limited account, you might find something here that you might have done to cause PayPal to flag your account.

The Cold Hard Facts...

PayPal Might Limit Your Account and Freeze Your Funds Because:

Believe it or not, these are all reasons as to why PayPal can and will limit your account. With a limited or frozen PayPal account, you have NO access to your own money. There are many, many more reasons as to why PayPal will limit your account and deny you access to your money. Any number of things unknown to you or I can trigger such an event.

The reason why this is so disturbing is this: once your account is limited, you have a less than 10% chance of getting your account unlimited. That means less than a 10% chance of getting your account restored to its previous state -- because you made a mistake that you did not know was a mistake or PayPal accused you of something without having or offering any evidence as to your guilt.

The simple whim of PayPal can destroy your business and your online reputation. The simple whim of PayPal can freeze access to funds that you need to support your family, pay bills, take that dream vacation or replace the busted tires on your car.

Most disturbing of all: PayPal does not need a reason to freeze your funds and limit your account. Remember, PayPal says in its User Agreement (that you agreed to) that it can limit and freeze your funds for "any reason."

Maybe PayPal needs a large infusion of cash for whatever reason -- or a short term loan on your money. PayPal can freeze accounts on a mass level for no reason at all.

Why? Because PayPal CAN. And because you won't do a damn thing about it.

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