Coming soon...PayPal Recorded Customer Calls!Recorded Customer Calls & PayPal Phony Phone Calls!

PayPal reserves the right to record their calls with you for "quality control purposes." It's one of the first things that you are informed of when you call PayPal to try to resolve a problem or ask them a question.

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Well, you have the right to record your telephone calls with PayPal for your own "quality control purposes!" This is a powerful way to keep a record of your experiences dealing with PayPal -- it is also a powerful way to expose how PayPal treats their own customers!

Well, has been busy making a few phone calls of our own. In fact, we have been making a lot of phone calls. And yes, it's all on caught on tape... invites you to submit your recorded customer calls (or prank calls) to us so that we might post them here for thousands of people to enjoy! With your help, we can quickly amass a huge gallery of PayPal's customer service at their best -- ah, worst.

Customer Calls & Phony Phone Calls!

Coming October 1, 2011!

Tip: The key to a great phony phone call (prank call) is anticipation -- you have to plan out your call before you even place the call! You have to practice your lines and figure out what the other person may reply and what the other person's reaction is going to be. It will make it easier for you to plan funny lines and insert funny situations as you go.

Tip: If you record a PayPal customer phone call, just be yourself and let whatever happens happen. Don't call with the intent of trying to make "a great call." If PayPal stays in character, you won't have to do a thing -- PayPal will reveal themselves for what they are!

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