PayPal Wants to Know Why So Many Hate Them!

PayPal has hired an expensive public relations firm to gather information from its users -- limited account holders and account holders that are still able to use their accounts. The question PayPal wants to know: Why do so many people hate us?

If you are a current or former PayPal account holder, maybe you have already taken the survey.

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This is your chance to see the questionnaire for yourself! This questionnaire is proof that PayPal knows all the problems they are causing their customers.

The question now is this: will PayPal use this as a chance to fix their broken company or will PayPal use the data to create a marketing campaign to spread more lies and spin?

Time will tell...

Take a Tour of the "Questionnaire."

If you want to see what questions PayPal is asking, you can do it here! Click the link below and take the tour!



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