Date: Monday, July 16, 2007

To: Christina Hoole, Head of PayPal Press Relations

Email Address:

Dear Ms. Hoole:

Recently I was on a website which discusses PayPal related issues. A person named "Nathan" claiming he was a high level PayPal employee working for "PayPal Community Support," made insulting and demeaning comments in a public forum towards PayPal users.

I am personally affronted and insulted by such comments -- especially from a person who claims employement with PayPal. I have included this persons comments below.

I would like to receive a reply by you or an authorized representative of PayPal addressing the following:

1. Does PayPal confirm or deny this is an employee of PayPal?
2. If this is an employee, will this employee be disiplined for these disparaging comments?
3. Finally, employee or not -- what is PayPal's official response to the comments posted?

Please keep in mind, this is an opportunity for you to reply to these publically made comments. I can assure you that these comments will get around the PayPal community quickly possibily effecting PayPal's public image. Your reply is approrpiate here and will be posted and distributed unedited on my website and other websites cocerning our PayPal family.



Here are the posted comments:

Minor intelligence is all you need to use PayPal

I'm sure the administraters of this web site will delete this before it reaches the public forum, but I just needed to say that if you have had insolvable problems with PayPal, it's because you must not have an education that exceeds the 8th grade level. The security features used on PayPal such as limiting credit card use is there to protect your credit card from being misused. I hear day in and day out about how people don't understand why we at PayPal do not allow a credit card to be used on more than one account. Ok, say that we start allowing credit cards on multiple accounts, when your credit card number is stolen and used on another PayPal account for fraudulent charges, don't call me crying because we "allowed" it to happen. And when it comes to restricting PayPal accounts, it's there totally to protect your financial information from being used. So again, say we ignore issues as they happen with your account and we just turn our backs and pretend that it didn't happen. Don't call me crying when someone who has stolen your identity and charges thousands of dollars on your PayPal account because you don't like how we watched out for your account in the past and we just stop caring. I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound bitter about people not being happy with my company. I just want everyone to realize that if they read their user agreements before they signed them and didn't just click buttons when making payments without reading the information provided for them, they wouldn't have the majority of the problems they are ****ing about. I am a high level community support agent with PayPal, and I've heard all of the problems there could be to hear. All I can say to the angry people is, read before you sign up or make a payment so that you have no problems. No one is required to use PayPal, it is a strictly voluntary payment processing system. So if PayPal is so bad and evil, then why do 95% + of the customers on eBay choose to use it? The answer is because when they make payments and money transfers using our system, they read everything carefully before clicking away like most of the people on here are not smart enough to do. I have been a PayPal customer since 2001 and worked for the company for about a year and I NEVER had a problem making payments or transfering funds before or after my employment with them. Why you may ask? Because I can and do read what I'm doing before I just start clicking buttons. I would encourage any response to this posting from any of the users of this web site. There's no excuse you could give me that I couldn't tell you how to solve or solve myself for you with PayPal accounts. That is, if the administraters of this web site have the guts to post this for me risking losing the support of their ****ers by listening to me and my advise on how to use their PayPal accounts the correct way in order not to experience any problems in the future.

PayPal Community Support


Again, please reply to this email and comment on this situation. If no response is forthcoming, I will interpret that to mean that the message posted is by a PayPal employee and the comments reflect the employee culture at PayPal. I will thus distribute your reponse as such -- should you not reply. Again, many thanks for your attention in this matter. I look forward to PayPal's official reply.