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Paypal: the subject of scorn, anger, and pure hatred. Sometimes, the inspiration for humor, parody and mockery. Welcome to PayPal Videos! Here, you'll find a little bit of everything.

You'll find the outrageous, the humorous, the pointless, the informative, and the just plain walk-away-scratching-your-head experience. There's a little bit of everything here.

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Boycott PayPal and eBay! Click to play video! Funny guy from Boston is MAD! Click to play video! Funny remix from a guy you should know! Click to play this video!
This guy is NOT happy with PayPal. Click to play the video! This lady has a message for PayPal! Click to play video! Publicity that PayPal doesn't like! Click to play this video
A businessman with PayPal Issues! Click to play the video! PayPal finds itself the subject of another news broadcast! PayPal offers NO PROTECTION!
The Truth about PayPal reverse scams! More PayPal reverse scams! This guy doesn't have a chance against PayPal!
Watch out for those fake emails! Learn a thing or two! You fucking loosers. These are the people who are supposed to be helping you at PayPal!
This guy has a message for you about PayPal...if you can understand him! Can you understand him? His warning continues... Have you been though this with PayPal?
You actually thought PayPal WAS FAIR?!? Just you average phone call to PayPal! Click to play this video!
Let the buyer beware! Google Checkout vs. PayPal...You Decide! Germans are on the march! (again...)


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