Paypal Is A Corrupt Organization
Internet Theft Victim Via Paypal
Paypal Is A Pain In The Ass
Fake BMW Wheels Thru Paypal
Unjustified New Paypal Policy
Paypal Took All But Three Dollars
Want My Email Address Removed
Excessive Currency Conversion Fees
We Should Flood Them With Complaints
Paypal Is A Terrorist Organization
Worried Paypal Will Not Protect Me
Bought Fake Car Via Paypal
Paypal Facilitates Theft
Paypal And Identity Theft
Purchase Caused Limited Account
Closed Due To Security Reasons
Accepting Only Incoming Payments
Paypal Not Safe Way To Purchase
Outright Thievery By Paypal
Bleeding More Money From Sellers
Paypal Are Little Hitlers
Absolutely Sickened By Paypal
Paypal Are Soulless Thieves
Unable To Refund Money
Actual Paypal User Agreement
Paypal Do Not Fuckin Care
The Merchant Is Always The Crook
PayPal Business Practices are CRAZY!
Closed Account Without Any Explanation
Accessing Money Made On Ebay Is No Easy Task
PayPal They Are Anything But Friendly
Funds On Hold Unless I Use PayPals Shipping Label Program
Account Frozen For Issuing Refund
It Happened To Me And It Can Happen To You
Holding My Money
Even With Tracking Number Funds Were Put On Hold
Paypal Is So Unfair
Paypal Is Holding My Funds Hostage
PayPay Charged Their Fees But Hold My Funds
Forced By eBay to Refund a PS3
IPhone Sales With PayPal Thought Of As Scam
Warning to New PayPal Users
Double Charged Me
Seller And Buyer Screwed By Paypal
It Could Happen To You
No Reason Given For Account Limitations
Sold Iphone On eBay
Unfair Treatment By PayPal
Paypals Way Is Anything But Conducive
eBays Shipping Calculator Screwed Me
Past Few Years Have Been Horrible
Paypal Did Not Accept My Proof
Paypal Needs To Iron Out Their Wrinkles
I Win Take That Paypal
iPad2 Sold On eBay Horror Story
Guitar Sale On eBay Ruined Me
Registration Problem
Outrageous Fees
100% Done With Paypal
PayPal Is Playing Float Game
Not Sticking Around
Paypal Froze My Money
They Still Took The Money
Thanks For Nothing Paypal
Unwilling To Help
PayPal Is Screwing With Me
Will Never Use PayPal Again
Feedback Privilege
eBay Has Changed A Lot
PayPal Gave Me Nightmares
Ridiculous Request
Got Crap When Buying Adobe Acrobat X Pro On eBay
Animals Are Euthanized Because Of PayPal
Paypal Ruined Christmas
PayPal Is Too Big To Care
Stay Away From eBay And PayPal
They Robbed Me
They Blocked My Account
PayPal And eBay Two Names For Same Crook
Account Frozen For Too Many Sales
eBay Is Impossible To Work With
Dont Delay Close Today
iPhone4 Returned Not Getting Refund
Using eBay Was A Bad Idea
Black Balled From PayPal
PayPal Only Protects PayPal
Call Center In Philippines
Went From Good To BAD
Sold iPhone 3GS On eBay Auction
eBay Fees Outrageous
Not Allowed To Contact Seller
Canceled eBay And PayPal
The Dark Side Of eBay
Sales Increased And Account Got Frozen
Where Is My Seller Protection
Loss On Watched And Cell Phones
21 Day Hold Is BS
PayPal Does Not Care
PayPal Is A GrowHouse For Scammers
Only Buyers Are Protected
PayPal Punish The Innocent
Video Camera Sold On eBay Never Delivered
Shut Down After Complying
Banned For Depositing My Own Money
PayPal Is The Only Winner
Is This A Scam
$1000 Held For 180 Days
Sold Computer On eBay
PayPal Is Playing With Our Money
Paypals Unfair Limitations
Sellers Get Screwed Over And Over
No One Is Home At PayPal
Funds On Hold And Getting Evicted
Frozen Account Leads To Problems
10 Years Down The Drain
Bought DSLR Camera On eBay
Bill Me Later Cost Me Now
No Help When Calling Paypal
Changing Email Lead To Problems
No Info On Why Account Was Limited
Frustration Over Closure
PayPal Broke Their Own Policy
Froze Account Used To Feed The Starving
Christmas Robbers
Random Hold On Account
No Refund For Item Not As Described
Unfair Business Practices
It Was All Good Until It Went BAD
Account Hold Is Appalling
Complaints Vs PayPal
PayPal Scam
Funds On Hold By PayPal
Bought HP Printer on eBay
PayPal Password Problems
PayPal Is Holding Money For 180 Days
Account Locked After eBay Auction
PayPal Refund Problem
eBay Is Judge And Jury
PayPal Is Not Safe For Sellers
Money Pak Card Is Crap
PayPal Is Holding My Cash
2 PayPal Accounts 1 Big Problem
PayPal Verification Impossible
PayPal Dispute
PayPal Account Limited Then Closed
EZ Support for Ebay Sucks
PayPal Is So Stupid
You Can Buy It On eBay But Not Sell It
PayPal Harassment And Threats
My Funds Are On Hold
Took Seller To Court
$1 Mistake
PayPal Is Such A Hassle
Item Damaged By Buyer
Paypal Screwed Hurricane Victim
PayPal Robbed Me
PayPal Customer Service Complaint
I Know My Time Is Coming
Screwed Without Feedback
Funds Transfer
Bad Business By PayPal
Hello PayPal Are You There
eBay And PayPal Encourage Scams
PayPal Account Frozen
Angry Australian
PayPal Is Not The Way To Go
Accused Of Selling Fake Coach Bag On eBay
Negative Review For PayPal
My Bank Is Protecting Me From PayPal
Not Safe For Sellers
Buyers Get Free Stuff
No Vacation Selling On eBay
Got My Account Canceled
PayPal Has Put My Funds On Hold
How Do I Contact PayPal
PayPal Account Frozen Several Times
Charged Twice Never Got Item
PayPal Lost A Good Customer
PayPal Is Holding Our Shipping Funds
Impossible To Access My Money
It Is Hard To Please PayPal
PayPal Froze My Account
PayPals Fraud Detection Is Crap
Do Not Use Checkout By PayPal
PayPal Shut Me Down
PayPal Does Not Give A Rats Ass
Buyer Filed Not As Described Claim
Account Frozen For Selling Rolex On eBay
Took 14% Of Everything I sold
Not Easy For New Sellers
Account Limited For Christmas
I Have To Pay Fraud Charge
CB Radio Sold On eBay
Sold Model Engine On eBay
Ripped Off By Chinese Seller
PayPal Reversed Payment For Car
PayPal Buyer Committed Fraud
PayPal Account Shut Down
Permanent Account Closure
I Pay eBay With Paypal
PayPal Is Not Secure
PayPal Is Holding My Funds
Paypal Refunded Buyer Twice
PayPal Sided With Seller
Item Not As Described
Paypal Is Breaking The Law
Was Duped By Buyer
Random 21 Day Hold
PayPal Refunded Non Refundable Deposit
Do Not Keep Your Money With Paypal
Holds Limits And Chargebacks
Problems Linking Credit Card To Account
Paypal Interferes With Visit To Cuba
Very Upset With Paypal
Paypal Account Still Frozen
Account Validation Nightmare
Sold Real Prada Bag On eBay
Terrible Customer Service And Idiotic Policies
Paypal Did Not Care I Had Proof Of Scam
Will Paypal Come After Me
Paypal Caused Overdraft Charges
Frozen Funds Pending Feedback
No Appeals As Per PayPal
Permanently Limited By Paypal
Dispute With PayPal Led To Account Closure
PayPal Is Always Changing Their Story
PayPal Is Pissing Me Off
Scam Warning
Copyright Problem
Screwed By Buyer And Paypal
Sold Real Coach Frames To Buyer In China
I Am Done With PayPal
My Horror Story
This Limitation Can Not Be Appealed
PayPal Made False Promises
Paypal Europe Issue
Paypal Makes Everything So Difficult
My Money Is Not Being Released
21 Day Hold Is Affecting My Business
Used Paypal To Sell On Etsy
PayPal Is So Flawed

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