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For some reason we've been getting more than a few requests from people looking for HTML logos that they can use to put on their webpages or websites to link back to this site. While this site had no plans on creating HTML logos, we are happy that people are asking for them. Therefore, we will provide them to you with great pleasure.

As time goes by, we will have a wide variety of HTML banners and logos made -- ranging from the classic, to the serious, to the funny, to the outrageous, and to the "whatever."

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Whatever we create, we promise they will be unique and eye catching.

For now, here are a few quick made basic HTML logos that you can use to paste onto your webpages or websites. Doing so is easy:

Copy the code from the text box and paste it where you want the logo to appear on your webpage or website. When your visitors click on the logo, they will be taken to Screw-Paypal.com

This is a great way for you to get involved without doing a whole lot of work. By linking to this site, you are providing great content for your site! Your visitors will thank you for warning them about PayPal...

NOTE: If you would like to create some of your own banners and submit them to this site, we will post them here with full credit so that others might enjoy your work. To do so, go to the CONTACT US page and upload your banner!

"Classic" Screw-PayPal.com Logo






"Plain" Screw-PayPal.com Logo

Plain Logo




"Risky Business" Screw-PayPal.com Logo

Sign up for PayPal and assume the positon!




"Screw" Screw-PayPal.com Image

I know, this sucks






"Protect Yourself" Large Banner





"No PayPal" Mini Banner





"No PayPal" In Your Face Big





"No PayPal Free Zone" Large Box






"No PayPal Free Zone" Small Box




"No PayPal Free Zone" Small Banner



"Flash" Screw-PayPal.com (Created by Ryan Leisure of PrePaid Legal Services)



More to follow soon...


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