DATE (Type in the current date you are writing your letter)


NAME OF THE PERSON WITH TITLE (Type in the name of the person you are writing to along with their job title)
ADDRESS LINE #1 (Type in the name of building or other identifying information about where you are sending your letter)
Address Line #2 (Type in the full street address of where you are sending your letter)
Address Line #3 (Type in the city, state and zip code of the address to where you are writing)
Address Line #4 (If you live in the US, you can skip this. International writers should write "USA" here)

SUBJECT: (In your letter, write the subject of your letter here. Example: PayPal Problem, Customer Complaint, Help, etc.)

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs, (Put the Title and last name of the person you are writing to here. Example: Dear Ms. Whitman,)

I am a PayPal and eBay customer. I am writing to you as a last resort. Your company has treated me very
badly and has left me with choice but to contact you. (Your first paragraph will be an introduction similar to what you have
read in black. Continue in this paragraph writing EXACTLY WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS AND WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO TRY AND SOLVE IT.
Include what the company's responses were each time you contacted them with your problem.You are NOT LIMITED to one paragraph
here. You can break it up into two or three paragraphs if you think one paragraph might run too long. EXAMPLE: You can
use the first paragraph to outline your problem, the second paragraph to describe what you did to solve that problem and the
third paragraph to describe how the company replied/reacted to your problem)

Enclosed for your convenience, I have attached all the information about my case that you might need to help me. (The second
paragraph of your letter should include a description of what information you are attaching to your letter. Feel free to give
any information that you wish, including private information. She has access to it any way., so you might as well include it
so you can make it easier to help you -- and avoid a letter back saying she could not help you because she does not have 
enough information)

I am outraged that I have been treated like this. (Begin the last paragraph with a statement on how you FEEL. The next sentence
should be a restatement of your problem. EXAMPLE: It was wrong for PayPal to limit my account. It was wrong for PayPal to 
punish me because my account was linked to another account that was not even mine. Next, write WHAT YOU WANT. So many 
people make the mistake of complaining to a company and then failing to tell the company WHAT THEY WANT. A company is more
likely to help you if YOU OFFER THEM A SOLUTION. So, write what you want: I want my account taken off limited status
because there are no grounds for my account to be limited -- I want to stay a PayPal customer, but you are making it hard 
to do so. Or, I want my account closed and my funds returned to me ASAP.

As CEO (or President of) this company, I would think it was in your best interests to keep your customers happy -- 
especially when all your customers want is to use your service without interruptions. I hope you take the time to prove
that your customers are important to you. I look forward to a prompt reply and resolution to my problem. (Your closing
paragraph will summarize and close your letter. You can use the example that I provided in black, or make up your own 
text. Whatever it is, make sure it highlights WHAT ACTION you want the person you are writing to to take (help you) and 
highlights that you are expecting a reply back. End the paragraph by thanking this person for reading your letter and 
acting on it)

Respectfully, (End greeting will go here. You can use "respectfully" or "sincerely" here. Stay away from other endings when 
you are writing a business letter.

YOUR COUNTRY (Only for international letter writers)

YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (Optional for all writers)
YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER (Optional for all writers. If you include your number, DO NOT FORGET YOUR AREA CODE.
International writers, do not forget to include your COUNTRY CODE AND CITY CODE)

This is the basic structure of how you would write a letter. For those who think this is a funny inclusion to make, 
realize there are a lot of people out there who never learned -- or have forgotten -- how to write a letter properly.
If you want your complaint to be taken seriously, you first have to AT LEAST APPEAR you are educated and well informed.
Letters riddled with spelling errors, major grammatical errors, format problems are all tossed into the trash can. 
And why not? If that person cannot even write a letter properly, how are they going to cause a major problem
for our company? Keep in mind that even if you don't need help, there are others out there who do. I am happy to 
provide a little help -- and some ideas -- on how you can write your letter.