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PayPal Problems United Kingdom: Introduction

You're having problems with PayPal and now you don't know where to go. You feel like you've been screwed over and taken advantage of. No doubt you are angry. Chances are, you found this website by doing a "Google search" or by finding a link to this website somewhere on the internet. This website is full of useful information, tips and resources on how to deal with your problem. This page is primarily designed for residents of the United Kingdom.

Paypal, Inc. is a subsidiary of eBay, Inc. However, all complaints that you might want to generate must be directed against PayPal Inc. As a resident of the United Kingdom, you have advantages that other residents of other countries do not share: PayPal is governed in the United Kingdom by both British law and European Union law.

Additionally, another advantage that you have is that as of July 2, 2007, PayPal Inc. has been granted a banking license under the European Union. Paypal, in Europe, is licensed as a bank. As such, PayPal must operate and comply with European Union banking standards.

That gives you three possible avenues of approach to force PayPal to comply with your demands.

Much of the information found throughout this website in dealing with PayPal problems is relevant to you as a citizen or resident of the United Kingdom. However, this page is designed to show you where to go specifically to contact PayPal UK or UK/European Union authorities to lodge a complaint.

I will not go into a lot of details here, this page is here only to advise you as to where you can go to file a complaint or complaints against PayPal in your country.

File Complaints against PayPal: Who to Contact in the UK

Please DO NOT underestimate the power of filing complaints. They will get PayPal's attention because they must be answered. If you file enough of them, you just might get the result that you were looking for.

The alternative to NOT filing complaints against PayPal is to let PayPal keep your money until they decide when and how you get it back -- if you get it back. In this case, doing SOMETHING is better than doing nothing.

TIP: Links to all the mentioned contacts are provided below. Click on the name of the contact or click on the "HERE" to be taken to your contact point!

(1) A good first place to start is Consumer Direct.

You can find a link to their site HERE. They cover a wide variety of consumer complaints as well as free advice on how to proceed with your complaint. They are the FIRST stop you should make when considering a complaint against PayPal.

(2) Contact the FSA.

As mentioned in the introduction, PayPal is now a licensed bank in the European Union -- of which the United Kingdom is a member. In the United Kingdom, The FSA (Financial Services Authority) regulates all banks allowed to operate in your country. You can find a link HERE.

On their main page, to the far right, you will see a button named CONSUMER INFORMATION. That is where you want to start. NOTE: I know some persons are still angry PayPal got backing from the FSA a few years back -- but that was before PayPal was a licensed bank!

NOTE: Do not be misled. The fact that PayPal moved its headquarters out of the UK DOES NOT MEAN they are no longer subject to FSA authority. PayPal is STILL SUBJECT to FSA authority!

PayPal (Europe):
Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in
the United Kingdom as an electronic money institution. PayPal FSA
Register Number: 226056

(3) Contact eConsumer.

This is a joint program run by over 21 countries to resolve online complaints and fight against consumer fraud. You can find a link to them HERE.

(4) There is also Trading Standards Central.

This is a one stop shop for consumer protection information in the United Kingdom. You can find a link HERE.

(5) Contact your European Union parliament member.

He or she can advise you about proceeding with a complaint against PayPal for violation of Directive 2005/29/EC The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive.

(6) Contact your Member of Parliament.

You would be surprised about how willing they are to help their constituents. At a minimum, they will be able to provide you with specific and voluminous information on where and how you can file complaints regarding PayPal Europe.

Legal Action: Small Claims Court in the UK

Consider using Her Majesty's Courts Service.

Sometimes the courts can settle what filing a complaint cannot. You have a right to sue PayPal in "small claims court" to get your money back. You cannot sign that right away, even if PayPal's terms of service says you cannot! You can find all the information in the link provided HERE.

PayPal Contact Information United Kingdom

Click ANYWHERE on this link for Complete Contact information for PayPal & eBay (Phone, Fax, Email & Street Addresses!)

PayPal History: PayPal in the United Kingdom

On March 24, 2008 eBay UK announced that they would be requiring all sellers to offer PayPal on all their auction listings. Unlike the draconian "PayPal only" policy attempted by eBay in Australia, eBay UK sellers will continue to enjoy the "right" of offering other payment services listed in eBay's "Accepted Payments" policy. Yet the fact remains, eBay is forcing its loyal sellers to signup for a service that they do not necessarily want or need.

While eBay has used the excuse of "protecting sellers and buyers" from payment fraud, the fact remains that forcing eBay users to offer PayPal opens the door to even more fraud and losses. It is widely believed that eBay's new policy has more to do with increasing their bottom line and making money on the float from frozen and limited PayPal accounts than to do with "buyer and seller safety." Under the new policy, eBay earns fees from the listing on the front end and makes more money on the back end with PayPal fees and other PayPal related transaction costs.

eBay UK also announced in March of 2008 that they were implementing their new "Payment Hold" policy. This policy allows PayPal to withhold funds on transactions for up to 21 days. Certain conditons have to be met before PayPal will release the funds. Again, PayPal claimed it was for the "protection" of the buyers and sellers. However, it is well know that PayPal makes money off the float of frozen funds. Such a policy also has exposed seller's to increased risk of fraud and financial fraud due to the fact that it has become easier for scammers and dishonest buyers to purchase expensive items from sellers, receive the expensive item and then file a PayPal complaint to get the money back and keep the item.

PayPal Terms of Service / User Agreement UK

You need to know what you agreed to in order to understand why you are having problems with PayPal today. Here is LINK to the PayPal User Agreement United Kingdom. Go ahead. CLICK.


If you feel you have been wronged and know you are in the right, it's important to not just sit back and complain. You need to act. Without action, you cannot get justice. Without action, you have no chance of getting your money back.

Take your complaints to PayPal. If that fails, file as many complaints as possible with as many agencies as possible. If necessary, take legal action. If needed, you can contact this website and we will offer you any advice and assistance that we can.


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