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PayPal Problems Canada: Introduction

Paypal, Inc. is a United States based corporation owed by eBay, Inc. In late 2006, all PayPal operations in Canada were consolidated as "PayPal Canada." However, much of the contact information that U.S. users use to contact PayPal are the same for Canadian users as well.

At this time, PayPal does not have a known physical presence in Canada that the general public can interact with. eBay does have a calling center in Canada, but this center will not handle any issues dealing with PayPal.

Once you have exhausted your options contacting PayPal through the various means available to you (emailing them or phoning them), it is time to you to make some formal complaints against PayPal.

The severity of your problem will determine who and where to complaint to. It is very important to let PayPal know AFTER THE FACT that you have made complaints against them. Making complaints about PayPal, then letting them know the specifics is important in that you are letting PayPal become aware that you are a customer that is taking steps to incorrect a wrong. It gives PayPal the opportunity to correct the situation before it escalates.

Why file complaints? If you do not, the only alternative is PayPal keeps your money until they say you can have it back -- and determine the circumstances in which you get your money back. The only alternative is to complain. The more complaints you file, the harder you make it for PayPal to deal with them all.

You have to begin somewhere. Here are some good starting points if you are a resident or citizen of Canada:

File Complaints against PayPal: Who to Contact in Canada

(1) The Consumers' Association of Canada is a great place to start.

You can find a link to it HERE. On the left of the homepage, you will find some great information that will lead to to other places to go with your complaint. There is also some good information there on how to go about filing your complaint with the Consumer's Association of Canada.

(2) The Federal Office of Consumer Affairs.

You pay your taxes, so let your government help you. This office is here just for problems like the one you have. You can find a link HERE. You can file a complaint with them, get information, or contact them for advice.

(3) Contact your the Consumer Affairs Division in your province.

This is your provincial government as opposed to your federal government. You can find a link HERE.

(4) File a complaint with RECOL Canada.

That stands for: Reporting Economic Crime On-line. This is a program run and investigated by the RCMP. You can find a link to it HERE. This site offers a lot of great information including how to file your complaint.

(5) You can file a complaint with the Canadian Revenue Agency.

You can find a link HERE. Depending on that nature of your PayPal problem, you may or MAY NOT want to file a complaint with them.

(6) File a complaint with the Bank of Canada.

This is your country's central bank. They are responsible for ensuring there is enough money to go around (among other things). You can find a link to them HERE. If PayPal has frozen your account, with money it it, and you have NO way of getting your money out, the basis of your complaint would be PayPal is artificially limiting the supply of money in Canada. In short, you cannot circulate money you don't have. You have to show that PayPal is holding your money unfairly, and this is effecting revenue in Canada.

(7) Contact your Member of Parliament.

They are there for you. Your MP will assist you with your complaint. These people have a lot of power and they want to keep it. By keeping you happy, you just might vote for them. Their involvement could be enough to get PayPal to deal with your problem. You can find a link HERE.

Sue PayPal: Small Claims Court Canada

The following will instruct you on the Small Claims courts of Canada and procedures (You can sue up to $10,000):

The following link displays a GUIDE to teach you how to file a lawsuit against Paypal in Canada:

If you want to confirm Paypal's legal name and address in Canada to serve them, call the following Government agency in Canada and they will give you that information:

Ministry of Government Services. (416) 314-8880 or toll free in Ontario at 1(800) 361-3223

Use small Claims Court "FORM 7A" to sue Paypal (Make a copy for yourself and you should ask for INTEREST). Just fill it out and take it AND the COPY to the Small Claims Court near your home with EVIDENCE attached (the court will stamp and return your copy to you).

Make copies of your Paypal account and emails from and to Paypal. Also, attach any other documents that can prove that Paypal has no right to hold your funds. For example, you claim that you went to your Paypal account and noticed a debit when you didn't make any transactions.

If you have an eBay account, make a copy of your sales that will show you didn't sell anything on eBay. This doesn't mean you didn't sell anything outside of eBay. What it will do is close one door on Paypal to prevent them from bringing up an eBay defense.

In Canada, you're required to serve Paypal. Make a copy from your stamped copy and serve Paypal.

The following is a link to Canada's Superior Court where the Small Claims Court are under:

The following displays the Small Claim Court's fees:

The following link is a GUIDE to show you how Paypal has to respond (Paypal will have 20 Days to respond. If they fail to respond, you can obtain a default Judgment against them -- a default judgment means that you WIN automatically if PayPal does not respond or show up):

NOTE: If you would like further advice or information on sueing PayPal in small claims court, please CONTACT US. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as guide you through the process as you proceed step-by-step!

PayPal Contact Information Canada

Click ANYWHERE on this link for Complete Contact information for PayPal & eBay (Phone, Fax, Email & Street Addresses!)

PayPal History: PayPal Canada 2006

PayPal Canada Launches on August 1, 2006 (Official PayPal News Release)

PayPal, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are preparing to introduce PayPal CA Limited (PayPal Canada) - a PayPal group company incorporated in Canada - as the service provider for PayPal customers in Canada. Going forward, this development will help us improve services for our Canadian customers.

We anticipate that PayPal Canada will begin operating on August 1, 2006.

Please note that no action will be necessary on your part. You will be able to continue using your PayPal account as you do today.

Your Existing Customer Relationship with PayPal

Until PayPal Canada begins operating in August 2006, your customer relationship continues to be with PayPal, Inc. (a U.S. company) under the PayPal User Agreement, which is governed by California law.

A New Customer Relationship with PayPal

With the introduction of our new Canadian company, your customer relationship will automatically be transferred to PayPal Canada. We anticipate that this will occur on August 1, 2006. At that time, we will introduce minor changes to both the User Agreement and its incorporated policies, as well as to the Privacy Policy. The new User Agreement will be similar to the current Agreement, and will contain no adverse amendments from a customer's perspective. It will also no longer contain U.S.-specific references.

If you do not wish to hold a PayPal Canada account and would prefer to continue your relationship with PayPal, Inc., you may only do so if you are a resident of the United States, and if the primary address in your PayPal account as of August 1, 2006 is a legitimate postal address within the United States.

If your primary address is not in the United States, you may close your account at any time, either before or after the transition to PayPal Canada, by logging in to your PayPal account and clicking Profile. We value your business and hope you'll transfer with us to PayPal Canada, where you'll be able to use PayPal in the same way you do today.

Once the transition from PayPal, Inc. to PayPal Canada occurs, we will post updated versions of our User Agreement and its incorporated policies, as well as our Privacy Policy, to our website.

If you have any questions prior to August 1, 2006 about these upcoming changes, please contact Customer Support. You can get contact information by logging in to your PayPal account and clicking Contact Us at the bottom of your Account Overview page.

Yours sincerely,

PayPal, Inc.

PayPal Terms of Service / User Agreement Canada

In order to really know why you are having the problems with PayPal that you are having, you need to READ the PayPal Terms of Service / User Agreement for Canada. You'd be surprised what you agreed to when you clicked "yes" and signed up for your PayPal Canada account! You can find a link to your user agreement HERE.


I hope this information was able to help you. At the very least, it will give you a place to start. Don't delay, file your complaint against PayPal as soon as possible.

Don't think your complaint cannot make a difference, IT CAN. If every person who thought they could not make a difference actually filed a complaint against PayPal, PayPal would be buried with them. Rather than spending millions of dollars to answer complaints, they would probably settle the matter quickly -- and to your benefit!

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