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PayPal has frozen my account and requested more information.....3 times. They request...I comply. They request some more....I comply some more.....When will it ever end. If you are verified...then why do I have to re-verify...twice. If I have someone sending me the funds.....why do I have to prove I'm owed the funds. Every request Paypal has asked for I have disjointedly replied to. And yet I still have no funds and I am told that I have to produce more information. Never Ever Again

Hello everyone,

My personal account's access was limited the other day because an unconfirmed buyer bought through eBay. I decided not to sell to him because of the complications involved (his address was in Russia, unconfirmed buyer, thought I might get screwed). So I thought, no big deal, my personal account isn't used that often.

Now, a few days later, I have checked my email and found that they hvae limited access to my BUSINESS account, which accepts payments every day! I can't accept payments anymore, I can't get my money out of the account, etc. The thing is, the first order I got is in the PayPal balance, that's my first dollar. What are they going to do with it? It'll take at least a month to confirm this account with them by waiting on their mail and my credit card statement to enter the "Expanded Use number."

I just don't want to lose my first purchase. Can anyone tell me if this will be OK until I enter the information they have requested?

Until then, I've switched to Google Checkout until I get a merchant account. PayPal was terribly rude to me twice now and taken my first order and who knows how many potential orders in between the time they did this without prior notice, and the time that I caught it.

Hello , i am a new user from Hong Kong . I am happy about i can find a good place here , i really dislike paypal !!!

I am running business on ebay 3 years ago ,then receive money through paypal ... up to now paypal have locked over 10 accounts !! and hold me over USD $ 20000 !!!

are they want mr join business account to pay high charge ?

and would you any members tell me , how to unlock my account as soon as possibe ?
( for the other account , i have fax all information a lot of time , but no unlock , and need wait for 180 days , take money back )

i really angry about the paypal !! ( would any members suggest some company can receive money online ? )

this is a tough question and i hope to get some answers.
i had withdrawn funds from my paypal account to my bank for items i sold. however, paypal stopped the tranaction which was under 24 hours later and limited my account. now my balace shows a positive amount, but i cant get it out.
now the items i still havent sent out. i cant show proof of shipping on older items that they are requesting i provide to get my account restored, so i think im out of luck gettin the money, around $500. now what would hapen if i DIDNT send the items and just let the buyer file a claim against me? would paypal just simply give them back the money that is already in my account that they sent to me? i dont care if i use this account again and by the looks of things i wont be able to get the limit lifted off the account.
so is it better not to ship the items and just let the buyer file a claim and then dont dispute it, then would paypal release those funds already into my account, to the original buyer? i need to know this
if i send the items as well, then i would be hoping and praying that paypal gives my money back, but thats a long shot since i cant provide some past info on some older transactions. so would just simply not shipping the items be the best way in this case?

hello all, recently i have opened up an account with Paypal and decided to add there "buy now" button on my website, i generated nearly $2000 US since opening my account in early September. I went to withdarw the money 3 days ago and it was reversed and my paypal account was "limited" due to suspicious activity. How can this be i asked myself? Since it is there buy now button on my website and every sale i make is an email delivery. Anyway's they are holding that money even though i complied with all of there terms such as . faxing my drivers license, utility bill and bank statement. Just as everything was checked off in the resolution section, they come back with an email saying that my account is linked to another and requires that one to be paid in full first, i fought this to the best of my personal ability, since it is only myself (i am 57) and my critically ill wife at home, no one has access to my PC, but Paypal states it was from a similar email address, funny i just opened up my first internet account in late August and heve never used a personal PC at home in my life.

But to my point, i read a tonne of stories on here and i am really disgusted in Paypal and there Bullshit ethics, lucky i have THREE relatives who are very successful attoneys/lawyers, one in Canada (where i am) and 2 in the U.S.A (Colorado and California). They have all agreed to help be file suit against Paypal, which i am going to be doing, but not just for my $2000, i am also going after loss wages (as my online biz is my income) and had there button on my account for some time trying to sort this out, defremation of character (as my clients and potential clients try and pay through the PP button and get "this user is unauthorized to recieve money" and pain and suffering (that $2000 , was my September income and my wife needs her medications for her terminal illness. Any advice or related account freeze stories would be appreciated, it is finally time to stand up to these CROOKS once and for all. Guess they didn't expect a person with 3 relatives as lawyers that will not charge me a penny...last laugh will be on Paypal.



I just got off the phone with Paypal this morning. Apparently just last week they decided to force people to upgrade thier personal account to premier status. You no longer have the ability to deny a payment made by credit card. The "deny" option is blocked out, forcing you to upgrade. If you choose not to upgrade then your buyer must wait 30 days for the transaction to "time out", and get their money back. When I asked if I had been notified of this the operator simply stated, "No, they haven't told anybody, but you are still bound by it because you are using the system"

Ok, i just want to use paypal to sell some material's quickly like $400 bucks. In My Account i have added my creditcard and checkingbank to make my account verify. ok now i sold the item and gotten the money transfer to my BANK account. if i closed my paypal account. is there anyway paypal can have access to my bank account after that? please help if they can i will have to close my bank account with my bank and reopen a new one right? i dont want to be screw and the buyer get a chargeback thing so i only want to use it once to sell something and now i sold it i want to close the account and get it over with cause i heard too many bad stories.

To avoid the negative effects of Paypal and their freezing of your account...

Never leave any money in your paypal account.

Do not fall for any of their incentives to leave money in your account, like money market interest and paypal debit cards. It's not worth the headaches you could encounter in the future in case paypal decides to freeze your account.

As a seller that takes paypal payments, everyday (at least once a day) I move ALL my paypal funds to my bank account. I never leave a penny in my paypal account. I don't care that it can earn interest. This way, if paypal decides to freeze my account for whatever reason, I don't lose any money. All I lose is my ability to use paypal, that's all.

I have never had this happen before. Several days ago paypal locked my account immediately after opening a new account because a prepaid card could not be address verified. Normally, I would be given the option to add another card.
They locked the account and wanted me to do a phone verify. Is this something new they are doing with phone verify?

Hello All

I am an honest Canadian businessman, i own my own website and sell e-info, more specically work-at-home and home-business opportunities. I started using paypal at the beginning of September and generated nearly $2000 USD in sales, now PP has limited my account. I have faxed them documents as required, i told tem that everything i sell is sent via email (i supplied proof) and then they sent me an email stating that i am linked to another account that has money owing? Funny since this is my first account with them (and last). They are still limiting my account. I have contacted a lawyer who sent them a letter of intent to sue, should I go ahead with the lawsuit, the lawyer only wants 20% of winnings and nothing if i don't win. Should I? would i win?

Either way, i seen people have filed a class action lawsuit in the U.S.A and won, i would like to start a multi-person lawsuit for Canadians, how can i do that? If you are from Canada and would like to join and help fight these Bastards, let's do it. Even if you are not Canadian and want to help, please do so. Please email me at and let's get our money back from these losers at Paypal.

Thanks for reading



This afternoon I made a payment through Paypal and got the confirmation invoice back... A couple hours later I get this strange e-mail:

PayPal is a regulated financial services company required under law to
assess its customers against certain lists of individuals and entities
which have had sanctions imposed against them. These lists are published
by various organizations including the United Nations and the European

Where a potential name match is identified, PayPal's policy is to lock
the account and request further identifying documentation. The decision
to lock your account has been taken solely by PayPal in line with its
compliance policy in regards to the legislation covering financial

We are therefore required to further verify your identity. In order to
regain access to your account, please provide the following

1. A copy of government-issued photograph identification (i.e.
passport, driver's license).
2. A copy of a utility bill verifying your address.
3. A copy of a document verifying your date and place of birth.

It looked like a spam, so I decided to login to Paypal to see what's going on and get the following message: "This account has been permanently locked with a $0.00 USD balance. All information associated with this account has been blocked from the PayPal system and cannot be registered with another account". Wow...

I've been using Paypal for 3 years and never had a problem. Never had a problem with my credit card either, so... What's going on? Did this happened to someone else?

My a/c access is limited! I have 2 paypal a/c, lets say A and B, my A account type a wromg name when register, so I can add the bamk to withdraw the money, then I fax them to arrange change name, but I can't wait, i decide to use B a/c to send a invoice to A a/c to get the money, after A paid to B USD 2000, both of my a/c access is limited. i have faxed the address to them already, I want to ask how long does it take? and is there any risk i can't get back my money? thanks everyone!!

So I receive an email CONFIRMING an overseas echeck has cleared & to ship out my $375. item......FIVE days later, Paypal deducts the funds & says there is an investigation on the buyer.(this buyer has an excellent reputation & is just as confused as I) This is AFTER I transfer the funds to my bank account...ya know, to pay my bills! Now my Paypal account is a debit & I can't print out shipping labels or make any purchases even though my Paypal account says I can still use it. I've been on the phone 4 times with them & still no resolution. Come on....5 days to take away MY money & now 2 weeks without an answer?

paypal has currently froze my account and took more the $400 dollars out and it has a small negative balance.
I had sold something on ebay and was paid. i provided the proof of shipping and so forth. the buyer who recieved the item claims the credit card used was unauthorized by him and chargebacked to paypal so paypal took the money out of my account. after waiting on the phone with paypal for 40 minutes I argued with them that I am not the one who accepted the credit card as payment paypal was and that the chargeback was to them not to me and that I paid my fees for the paypal service so they are the ones liable. Either way they didn't care and still took my money and froze the account. questions:

how can I get my money back?

I did immediately cancel my credit card so they don;t take the remaining negative balance out of my credit card.

Can they go into your bank account and take money out with ou tyour permission??

what can I do to get my money back??

Before I begin my story, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been using eBay and PayPal for about three years already. I sold many things on eBay and I also bought a lot from eBay. I thought PayPal and eBay was amazing, until something happened...

So the story begin with a buyer purchasing my item on eBay. He paid promplty as most good buyer does and I shipped promptly as most good seller does. I print the shipping label via PayPal, stick it to the box and send it via USPS to the buyer. I am happy that I got the money, the buyer is excited waiting for his item to arrive in the mail. Everybody is happy.

Two weeks later, I got a message from the buyer. He said that he received an empty box. He also said that it seems the box was opened by someone in the post office and the item got stolen. I told him that since he did not purchase insurance, then I will not be held responsible as stated in my auctions. He then got pissed and opened a PayPal dispute saying that I did not ship the item or item is different from what is described. I then told the buyer to check the label and see the weight on its box. "Is it possible for an empty box to weight 4 lbs?" I emailed the buyer.

The buyer then report to PayPal and PayPal told him to go to the police station, file a claim for the stolen item and wait for the PayPal's response. PayPal told the buyer that THEY(yes, PayPal) will fully refund his money without taking money from my account.

A week later, my PayPal showed negative balance. They have taken money from my account to refund the buyer. I got very pissed off and call them. Now here is the interesting part. I will use dialoque style writing so all the readers can really read my actual conversation with PayPal customer service. This is not something that I made up. This is my TRUE conversation with PayPal.

PayPal Cust. Service: "First name and last name please.."

Me: "painkiller85" (edited for privacy)

PayPal Cust. Service: "It seems that your account has negative balance Mr. John.."

Me: "Yes, and that is why I am calling you. Why money was taken from my account? You told the buyer that you will refund him without taking money from my account."

PayPal Cust. Service: "Oh, we have decided to close the dispute in favor of the buyer. We cannot restore your balance by giving you your money back."

Me: "What? But you guys said.."

PayPal Cust. Service: "No sir, the buyer claimed to PayPal for the stolen item and not to USPS and that is why it is in the favor of the buyer."

Me: "Then why didn't you tell the buyer to claim to USPS instead? He made a wrong claim didn't he?"
PayPal Cust. Service: "Yes, but we believe he is old enough to make his own decision"

Me: "So you are telling me that PayPal is not old or mature enough to tell their customer that they are making a wrong claim?"

PayPal Cust. Service: "..."

Me: "Hello? Are you there?"

PayPal Cust. Service: "Yes I am here sir."

Me: "If you are there why are you so freaking quiet?"

PayPal Cust. Service: "I am telling you the policy.."

Me: "So you are telling me the policy by being quiet?"

PayPal Cust. Service: "Well, sir you have heard the policy. The buyer has to make the claim with USPS and not with PayPal."

Me: "Why can't PayPal tell the buyer then to make the claim with USPS for the first time then? Even STUPID person can do that!"

PayPal Cust. Service: "No."

Me: "YES and I JUST SAID YES! Are you an IDIOT OR WHAT?"

PayPal Cust. Service: "..."

Me: "HEY!"

PayPal Cust. Service: "Sir, but this is our policy.." (She is about to cry..)

Me: "How do you determine the policy? What is the logic behind it?"

PayPal Cust. Service: "..."

Me: "Did you just hire a monkey, give it a dart and let it throw to whatever decision that you are making and you take conclusion from it?"

PayPal Cust. Service: "No. But, it is our policy.."

Me: "So that is your policy eh? Let me tell you something.. the policy.. your policy.. IS ****ING STUPID! THANK YOU FOR THE HELP!"

And that was the end of my conversation. I don't know what is going to my account but hey, I'll just keep you guys posted. Thanks for reading and any comment will be appreciated.

I was new to ebay selling, I sold a 2 runescape game accounts for 350 ea, 22 days later they fild a claim on me and now I lost my account and a negative mark of -700 and they have the collection agencies on me. How can I dispute this? they are mailing me my current phone number is change and the account had my debit card but the fact that they want to pool more money from me after i got scamed and they limit my account I feel like Im cheated. can anyone give me advice on what to do and how to get them to stop mailing me. thanks


paypal is a scam artist!!!

I have been an ebay seller for 6 years and have a Personal PayPal account and Premier PayPal account. I clearly state in my auction that the PayPal account linked to the auction only accepts echecks and balance transfers. I offer other options for credit cards. I just received a credit card payment to my personal account. And PayPal will not allow me to Deny the payment or Refund it. They are forcing me to Accept the payment and upgrade my Peronal account to a Premier account. The customer service rep said ebay clearly states that I can only have a premier account if I sell on ebay. But on PayPal's site it says sellers are allowed to have a Personal and Premier account. She also said that I can either Accept the payment and upgrade my Personal account or they will hold the buyer's payment for 30 days.
How can PayPal hold this person's payment for 30 days? I do not have their payment (it's not in my account until I Accept it). PayPal has their payment. I would be so pissed at PayPal if they did this to me. I guess the buyer could file chargeback with their credit card company and it would be all on PayPal since they are the ones holding the payment. I would think this would be illegal.
I sent an email to the buyer explaining the situation. I told them to call PayPal to get their money back. And that I do not have their payment, PayPal has it. They did not read the auction or invoice.

I was selling my computer, viewed here. When a buyer that was hacked bought my computer, and asked me to ship it to europe. I didn't think much of it, so when I got the funds through paypal I went ahead and shipped it. But I first bought my replacement computer and the gear for it. Since shipping was expensive to europe, he paid me like $150 more for the shipping costs. So the total was $1650 total. The day after I sent him the tracking numbers, he disputes my sale, and paypal sezies my account. Now I am like $1385 negitive, and they tell me if I dont pay them I will go to collections. Im pretty miffed about the whole thing, and I doubt I will pay them. What can I do?

BTW: I have all the emails from the buyer, shipping records, requests for return of mail from the USPS and everything. But they tell me I have no protection, and I just have to pay them or else.

Hi All,

I am an eBay seller who sold a laptop computer to a lady who pretty much just decided she did not want it. There are some scratches on the case, which was listed in my auction, but she apparently didn't read that part, and wanted her money back. At first I said no, no money back- learn to read, but then I felt bad, and decided if she'd send the laptop back, I'd send the $$ back and sell the laptop to someone else. However, between my deciding to take the return and my last email telling her no return, she filed a Paypal not as described complaint. I logged on and agreed to a refund. Paypal had my account with a negative balance of $800 because they froze the funds involved in this transaction (although there were no funds there). And so when the laptop arrived back to me the frozen funds went back to the buyer automatically. This was Monday. Today (Thursday) I go to log onto my Paypal account, and it is locked, no email from them or anything. Now I don't know what to do or what will happen. I don't have the $$ to restore my -$800 balance, as I said my plan was to resell the computer and use that money to restore the deficit in my paypal account, but that won't work if it's locked!

My questions are: what should I do? What will Paypal do to me now that I have a negative balance? Will I be in any sort of legal trouble if I don't give them the $$ right away?

Thanks for all of your input.

Last week, I received what looked like a spam email from a paypal address. So I go to login to Paypal to report it. However, when I try logging in , I get the follwoing msg:
"This account has been permanently locked with a $0.00 USD balance. All information associated with this account has been blocked from the PayPal system and cannot be registered with another account."

I was surprised and start thinking - must've been a screw up with the recent purchase I made on ebay. So I email paypal customer service asking why my account has been locked. After no reponse for 4 days, I finally call them up - this was yesterday. They transfer me to resolution Department. All they tell me is that I should have received an email on Sep 29 to which they need a response. By this time, I have long forgotten about the 'spam' mail that prompted me to discover this. So, I retrieve it and lo and behold, it is a real paypal email from ''. This is what it had to say:
PayPal is a regulated financial services company required under law to
assess its customers against certain lists of individuals and entities
which have had sanctions imposed against them. These lists are published
by various organizations including the United Nations and the European

Where a potential name match is identified, PayPal's policy is to lock
the account and request further identifying documentation. The decision
to lock your account has been taken solely by PayPal in line with its
compliance policy in regards to the legislation covering financial

We are therefore required to further verify your identity. In order to
regain access to your account, please provide the following

1. A copy of government-issued photograph identification (i.e.
passport, driver's license).
2. A copy of a utility bill verifying your address.
3. A copy of a document verifying your date and place of birth.

Can Paypal do this shit? Isn't it illegal to ask for passport and shit? And lock my account just like that? It is at least a violation of civil rights and at best unscrouplous business practice.

Paypal limited me for something i didnt do and they charged me a £320 on my credit card for something i didnt even purchase and they charged my credit card without authorization and they also claimed:

However, after a recent review of your account, it has been determined that
you are currently in violation of PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy. The
Policy prohibits the use of PayPal in the sale of items or information that
can be used to descramble or facilitate access to cable or satellite
television programming without authorization or payment. Furthermore,
stating that the item is for educational or test purposes will not
legitimize a product that is otherwise prohibited. The complete Acceptable
Use Policy addressing Satellite and Cable TV Descramblers can be found at
the following URL:

when all i sold was several skydigibox's without cards and there are loads of them on ebay and you are permitted to sell them without the cards, paypal sukz big time

i have issued a chargeback with my credit card company and also i have removed everything from my paypal acount, ,all details, changed my visa card and i have not been successful in removing my bank card

paypal claim i owe them 300+ GBP and i do not, what can paypal do, will they take the money out of my bank and what else will they be able to do further more


Paypal, the root of all evil

A few weeks ago, I got my paypal account verified. Someone who I spoke with on the phone and didn't seem like a fraudster said he was depositing money through his bank account to send to me for an item I was going to send him. Finally, he sent me the payment for $1500 CDN today. I immediately bought an item from someone and sent the company $1100 to them which left me about 400$ in my account. I left it there.

2 Hours later i got an e-mail from paypal below saying this in topic: PayPal Notification: Temporary Hold Pending Investigation (Routing Code: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)

Then I checked my account and it was also limited with this: We have detected suspicious activity regarding the receipt or withdrawal of funds.

So, now I have a negative amount in my paypal account for -$1100 (something like that.) It's the $1500 - the amount sitting in my account which was $400 as mentioned above after paying a company for a service.

Now in the history of my account it says HELD for the payment from that certain someone who I have not shipped the items to yet, but the company I paid $1100 to still says COMPLETED.

The payment to that company as I said says completed, but does that mean that my payment to that company is being held and shown as held on their end, but completed under my account or did the $1100 payment go through the company fine but I am screwed with the -1100$ with the person?


It has come to our attention that you may be the recipient of potentially unauthorized funds. We have initiated an investigation into this event. In the meantime, we have placed a temporary hold on the funds in question until the investigation is complete. This temporary hold will show as a deduction in your available balance. In the meantime, you are free to continue transacting using your PayPal account.

Transaction Amount: $1,500.XX CAD

If you have not delivered the goods or services related to this transaction, we ask that you delay or stop delivery until our investigation is complete as you may be liable for the amount in question.

To assist us in our investigation, please send an email to with the following information:

1. The item, service or purpose of the purchase, and the associated value;
2. The name and address given to you by the sender (if an item was purchased);
3. If shipped, the company used for shipping, date of shipment, and tracking number for the shipment;
4. Details of any other transactions related to the transaction(s) in question;
5. A phone number where you can be reached during the day and evening; and
6. Insurance information, if applicable.

Any additional information you have regarding this transaction, such as email correspondence, will further help us to expedite our investigation. Solving these cases helps us continue to offer PayPal as a secure and cost-effective payment service. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance.

PayPal Account Review Team

I think that most people who visit these forums agree that paypal sucks. All the information I find is a story on what paypal did you rip you off. (I've lost about $1,000 from paypal) - But doing some research, im wondering if there isnt a way for them to fix all the problems and complaints we place on them.

1) Mediation - PayPal doesn't mediate that well. Remember the story about the person sending a brick in replacement to the advertised item? How would paypal know what item was sent and whether or not the dispute is legit? How would a normal credit card company do this? I mean, someone can send me a good product and I chargeback claiming they didnt send me the right item and just take a picture of a random object.

2) PayPal trying to help you - This goes back to when I lost money. I chargebacked someone, and PayPal refunded me everything in the sellers account, and brought them to a negative balance. Only problem is, what happens if that person cancelled his or her credit card on file? Can PayPal deduct from a bank account legally? If so, what if that person has no bank account balance? In this case, can we actually blame PayPal and place them at fault?

Generally, what could PayPal do to better protect all of us? Think like a fraudster. Not like I am one, but if I were a fraudster, Im pretty sure Id sell bricks to make a mad profit. Just be realistic with what you're suggesting PayPal change, and if it's plausible.

Late last year I sold an item for $2,500. The buyer made two separate credit card payments totaling the amount due.

Weeks later, after successful delivery and receipt, the buyer performed two chargebacks for the one item. The buyer was sneaky about it and used the fail-proof "Item Not As Described" method so PayPal would not dispute the chargeback on my behalf.

Because of the back-to-back chargebacks, my PayPal account was limited with -$2,500 and I was out the item. I realize that I am very lucky that my funds were not frozen (because my account was empty). Instead, I was expected to pay this amount before my account could be restored.

At first I wasn't going to pay, since the chargeback was fraudulent. But it bothers me to have this debt looming over my head. While it may not be valid, it's still there. I've received a few of the NCO Collections letters for the amount and that will probably show up on my credit report, although I've been reluctant to check.

It's gotten to the point where I'm finally willing to just pay off PayPal. PayPal was just doing it's job, it was the buyer who screwed me over... I want my account back. : /

My question is:

Is it remotely possible to pay off the balance due to PayPal and restore my account access?

When I login to PayPal now it says:

"We regret to inform you that this account has been locked.
Please contact our Account Review Department at"

I know PayPal is risky to use. This was actually the second time I've received a fraudulent chargeback-- the first was for around $550 a year before and I just took the hit. (My account wasn't limited.)

But after a year without PayPal I've come to realize how deeply ingrained it has become in the buying habits of the average online consumer. My sales have dropped because many (ignorant) people I deal with will only use PayPal. And I am not in the position to lecture every potential customer I come across about the evils of PayPal.

Fraudulent chargebacks can happen to any merchant-- whether using PayPal or their own merchant account. I have my own merchant account now and it's not that great. Payouts take forever... then there's reserve issues. PayPal never did that. I miss having instant access to my cash like I did with PayPal.

I have had a paypal account for 6 years, maybe longer, and suddenly today, I am at the store, using my paypal Mastercard, and it won't go through.

I leave the groceries, and go home, and log on immediately to find, that my account is frozen, I can't even get in and look at it, even see who paid me for what items.

I am blocked.

I emailed paypal, but NOTHING has come back.
It's a Holiday weekend, my funds are on that card. I live off that card, (rather than depositing my sales back into my bank account)

Thanks, by the way, there is no reason for them to freeze my account. No transfers that weren't ebay related or anything.

I guess I have seen the light, but I have over 1000 transactions with them, they have made a TON of money off me in the past, I don't understand why they would do this without warning.


I have been unable to find any reference to this in the user policy under "holding of funds" or "limiting funds" on a debit card.

Discovered today that PayPal has a (apparently undocumented) policy of denying a credit card transaction (with the PayPal debit card) at gas pumps unless you have at least $30.00 in your account.

Not a huge deal, but could lead to a potentially embarrassing situation. I also find it a bit shady that this isn't documented anywhere, and it took a phone call to PayPal with a lengthy hold time to discover it.

my account was limited the other day and a hold was put on my funds, around $400. Now paypal wants me to confirm some info. The expanded use number and verifiying my home addres via the automated phone call they make is no problem. however, another part i have to do is fax them proof of 4 or so items that i had sold on ebay and provide my suppliers inventory proof or receipts i assume. however, im just a normal private seller not a business or anything. the items were all new and identical as i found a great deal on some items then re-sold them on ebay. why does paypal need to know this? is it their business what i sell? i mean, what difference does it make as long as they get their fees, i get paid and the buyer gets their item? i dont know why they limited my account. could it be because i sold these 4 items all within a 2 day period so they got suspicious as to why i have so many of the same product?? still makes no sense to me.
anyway, my problem is, i cant provide any receipts coz most of the items were bought online months ago and i dont have the proof anyway anymore. what can i do???
paypal says i need to fax this info within 7 days
is there any way around this??? how can i get them to release my funds without fulfilling the "proof of inventory" part??

any comments and help is truly appreciated!!!!! hopefully some members that went through the same process can advise me


long story short this is partially my fault but in the end PayPal wont help me much.

my little sister died about 3 weeks ago and my friends decided to set up a donation site in her name. they told me to set up a paypal account so i could transfer those funds into my bank checking account.

im at paypal, i set up and everything is good to go. in total i had about $922.00 and could only do 500.00 limit transfer funds since my bank account was not yet verified.
at the same time im going ' what the heck?' why arent i getting verified? it then stated that it would deposit 2 small amounts into my checking account number then i needed to come back into paypal and type in those amounts. I checked and checked and no funds were added, yet the status in paypal said 'completed'?
So today i saw that the first $500.00 dollars were completed but yet i had recieved nothing in my bank. I then realized a HUGE mistake, the checking account number posted on paypal was not matching mine. i said HOLY shit how could i do this? so i said okay im sure paypal can work with me and stop it or just trace it, but no.

they told me they couldnt give out that full mistyped checking account number ( since my bank couldnt trace it either unless they have that number) and that id have to wait a week in order for them to start tracing it? i mean what if WHOEVER got the 500.00 dollars spend it?

on the other hand im hoping that my bank rejects the transfer since my name will not match with that checking number? does anyone know if they do? or will they transfer it.

i dont know im just so lost..and confused and in depression mode.

thanks for anyones help

Ok i'll make it short and simple here. This is my 3rd experience with paypal screwing me. I opened up a new pay pal account and ebay account. This was due to the fact that my prior one was hacked and someone ruined my good name. SECURE INDEED. Well i tried to work it out with pay pal. Of course that went nowhere cause they don't care. Oh yeah and they then tried to rob my credit card and bank account in excess of 23,000. dollars. The amounts that were stolen by the hacker. Luckily i closed my accounts prior to them getting it and reported these items stolen
Well anyway I opened up a new account (of course I had to use my brothers identity). So i put two items on ebay to sell. They sold and as soon as i was paid for one of them, geuss what? Thats right frozen account. Well i called customer service luckily i had the number from my other account. Because you will not find it that easily on pay pals site.
called them up and was told that i would have to fax over a bunch of info and that they will determine the course of action. Sorry but i am not giving pay pal or any one else personal info. id theft is way to rampant and i have had it happen twice via secure companies.
What irks me the most though is that this is info that should be done prior to approving the account not after someone pays for a wining auction. At least then I could have made some determination as to what to do.
End result is angry bidders who got the run around because of pay pal and there stupidity and loose ways of running the monopoly that ebay and pay pal have.
Add to the fact that i asked them if i ship them item to the winning bidder and they reply that they have received it, will you release those funds. Answer from pay pal absolutely not.
That is not there money then that is mine. I thought only the mob did stuff like this??????
corporate america and pay pal SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am working on a plan to start a real auction site and take on the big monster of ebay and co.
Its going to take awhile but the made my mind up

ive had both my account frozen by these c**ksmokers.
they tell me they want a photocopy of my passport faxed to them and proof of shipping and want to know what i have been selling.
they say if i dont they can hold my money for 180 days?
i can handle that as long as they give it back to me after the time has elapsed.
has anyone done their 'rip' and got their money back after this time?
thanks for looking, any response would be greatly appreciated

On July 25, 2006 my Paypal account was put on hold, and every single transaction I made since I opened it (totaling $6000) was reversed, leaving me with a negative balance of almost $5500. Due to my disability, I do not have much of an income these days, so I did what seemed like a realistic idea, selling my items using ebay and craigslist. All transactions went smoothly, PayPal APPROVED each one, and APPROVED a withdrawal to my bank account for each one. I was on the phone with PayPal for over an hour, and the closest I got to an explanation was "Our system picked up a flag". I was told that it could be a dispute a buyer opened. I asked PayPal why this dispute never came up on my account, and they did not provide an answer. I offered to forward emails to PayPal from some buyers who thanked me for what I sold them. I also explained how it would be impossible for a buyer to claim they didnt receive their item because I always arranged for it to be picked up in person (its very difficult for me to leave the house these days). Then, they said it was due to suspicious activiy. I asked what I was doing differently from any other PayPal which I recieved the answer "we dont have access to that information". So, with my account on limited and out 5500 dollars, I asked if I could provide the information to have my account lifted from limited. Apparently, the only thing I can do is suck it up and pay them 5500 dollars and provide more personal information. So months have gone by, and Paypal has began to bombard me with e-mails telling me to pay. When I explained the situation, I recieved this reply "You spoke with our customer service on July 25, and they told you everything. We have nothing further to say. Pay your negative balance". Its as if I sold my Plasma TV, encyclopedia set, old computer, and other items for nobody but PayPal's profit! Basically, PayPal let me sell the items, withdraw the money (which I had to use for medical bills and my medication!), and now request it back. Did I really just sell my most valuable posessions for PayPal's gain? Someone help! What can I do?

Back on 11 June 2006 I purchased an Apple ipod 30gb music/video described as such in the listing. This seller was selling a few of them and I bought one using Buy it now for AU$342 who based himself in Taiwan. I paid for the item immediately via Paypal being a good e bayer who always pays on time. I have been a member on E bay since July 2000 and have a 100% feedback rating with 0 neautrals and 0 negatives. To my surprise, I receieved an e mail from Ebay the next day saying the the listing was removed from e bay and seller had been suspended not giving reasons why and not to continue with the transaction. I emailed the seller who signed himself "Honest Seller" not to proceed with the shipment but it was too late, he said that it was on its way and provided me with International air courier tracking number via EMS International. When I received the item, it was not what I had paid for but a generic small ipod similar to a nano capable of only holding 233.7 mb. It was not an Apple product but something put together generically. I e mailed the seller on numerous occasions demanding his address so i could return the item and receive a refund but to no avail.
I finally had no option but to put in a dispute with Paypal. On 19 July I receive an e mail from Paypal saying in order to continue with their investigations, I had to go to the local Police and file a report which I did and asked that a copy of it to be faxed to their US no. (+1 (402)537 5760). I did not hear from them until 9August when i received another e mail saying that in order to continue the investigation, I would have to take the item to an authorised dealer and obtain a service report such as make, model, serial number (item was unserialised) and any other info on the item. I paid $33 for the report which confirmed the item was not genuine but a fake. I faxed off the report again to the US. Days later I received an e mail saying that in order to receive a full refund, I would have to send the item back to the seller to the address they provided and I was to advise them with tracking number. I posted the item via Australia Post air parcel and provided them with a tracking number.
On 13 September I receive an e mail from Paypal saying that the case had been resolved details as below:
The tracking information you provided was invalid, and we were unable to
confirm delivery of the item associated with this claim. As a result, the
case is now considered closed and we are unable to process a refund.

We encourage you to work directly with the seller to find a resolution.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Protection Services Department

I went onto the Paypal Resolution site to lodge an appeal and in the case history it said that the case was closed due to the fact that the tracking number that the seller provided was invalid therefore they did not believe I received the item in the first place. After all they put me through in obtaining police reports and dealer reports etc, thay say a/ I never received the item b/ the tracking number I provided was invalid. I have both consignement notes as proof. I was so angry and disgusted that I had to lodge an appeal details as below:
Dear Paypal,
In answer to your e mail dated 13 September 2006 regarding resolution of the above case number, I would like to stress my utter disgust and disapointment in your reasons for the resolution of this case. It is arbitry and incorrect and totally unacceptable. It has caused me financial loss of AU $342 and I cant believe you have let this seller perpetrate this fraud and take no action.

The two raesons given for rejection of this claim are both factually incorrect.
One your e mail dated 13 September copy as follows:

The tracking information you provided was invalid, and we were unable to
confirm delivery of the item associated with this claim. As a result, the
case is now considered closed and we are unable to process a refund.

We encourage you to work directly with the seller to find a resolution.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Protection Services Department

The item I received was returned to the seller via Australia Post registered air mail insured parcel service complete with tracking number CV 053093684AU whci is a valid Australia Post tracking number. This consignement must be signed for on receipt by the receiver. Please advise if you would like a copy of this receipt. I have been in contact with Australia Post and they will provide me with proof of delievry.

In the Dispute Resolution history, you stated that the seller's tracking number was invalid and that you did'nt believe I had received the seller's item.
The seller shipped the item via EMS International Air Courier and I have the consignement documentation and tracking number which is the same as the tracking number in the resolution history. Please advise me if you would also like a copy of the consignement documentation.

Please advise that you will review this dispute as I will be expecting a full refund of the full AU$342.

I cannot believe that Paypal had sided with the seller and has let this fraudulent user get away with it. I went to the Resolution Center to see how the appeal was going only to my anger reading that the appeal had been denied and case was closed. They didn't even have the guts to e mail me and tell me why the appeal was denied. So much for their Buyer Protection Policy..seems to me they condone fraudulent behaviour. I will be contacting my credit card provider and putting in a complaint against Paypal so I can receive a chargeback. I will never be using them again and as far as I'm concerned I hope my e mail together with many thousands of others, will help bring them down.

I'm a "rare" ebay seller and sell mostly automotive parts through online forum communities.
As you guys all know, reputation is everything on forums. Once you have ONE bad customer talking negative things, than its over.

I sell automotive parts, such as HID, alarms, wheels, etc. I have had paypal since October of 2005, and so far, over 150 verified purchases.

I do, or I should say, I did.. about $8000 per month in transactions on average.
I was giving paypal some good revenue on fees alone.

Absolutely no chargebacks or dispute UNTIL ... recently.

I had some customers who purchased an item directly from our site without notifying.
Some car parts are special-orders. So I have to wait 3 weeks for it to arrive.
I let the customer(S) know that there is a wait time.

No response.

I finally get the products and ship it out with tracking, UPS Standard from Canada to USA.

2 days AFTER I send her an email with the tracking number, she files a chargeback saying item never arrived.
2 days AFTER she filed it, UPS said it was delivered.

2 other similar case and one "significantly not as described" dispute was opened within 1 week period of time.
My account goes to negative as these "high price ticket" items are filed for dispute.

I provide all the information, regarding tracking number (all confirmed delivered). One custom actualy left me a positive feedback saying she loves the product, but took a little longer than expected for delivery.

This is 4 disputes out of 150 verified purchases.
That's a 0.02666% dispute ratio!!

The very next day, my account gets frozen.

However, I have a business with ongoing transactions.
i call Paypal, and they suggest to me to open another account in another name.
So I use my business partner's name, his CC, bank info, etc.
I get 4 payments within the first 6 hours and 2 hours after, that account gets LOCKED.

I get an email 1 hour later stating that "PAYPAL NO LONGER WISHES TO SERVE YOU AS A CUSTOMER"

I'm thinking... "you gotta be kidding me"...

I call in...

Usually they are extremely helpful and friendly to me (seeing how I do so much transactions a month).
This time, they are bitter and cold.

They told me that I can't open multiple accounts.
I tell them that I was TOLD to do so by one of the rep.
They said that i was misinformed.

Basically ... it comes down to this.

The 4 disputes that opened plus the negative balance the disputes made, plus opening another account and accepting 4 payments on there =
all led to "suspicous activity" and gave them grounds to lock my account up and ban me from paypal.

The funds are available to withdraw 180 days later.
They said, I make my balance to zero, they "maybe" will look into reopening my account.

I always thought that as long as I did an honest business, Im not giong to get into trouble with paypal.
Guess I was wrong. All it took was few impatient buyers and very suspicious "chargeback" to get me kicked out.

0.0266% dispute ratio doesnt mean anything to them apparently.
All my months of "no dispute" days, had no effect.

I feel like I was FRAMED even.

I took their recommendation and I get locked.

After hours of talking, and even talking to a "supervisor", I was only given the option of emailing "".

That was 1 week ago, and no response.
Nothing has changed.
I'm still locked out.
Business is a stand still.
Money is frozen.

Talk about unfair treatment.

And this whole EBAY-PAYPAL monopoly doesnt help either.
Being from Canada, I cant even get the merchant account with low rates. is 5.5%. To me thats ridiculously high.

Anyone know of good alternatives for Canadians?
What about those companies selling paypal accounts?

I'm afraid of opening another paypal account and getting that locked down after accepting few payments.


Are you serious?!

it all started when i sold 2 mobile phones on ebay.
the buyers paid me but my pc crashed bad and it took a month for me to retreive the peoples address.i sent the phones a month late and paypal have given the money back to the buyers.
paypal said they would contact the buyers to see if they got the items but they have not got back to me.i have receipts from the post office to say i sent the items but its just going on and on and on.they have now sent debt collectors to my house for payment. 120 euros.i sent an email to appeal@paypal today to complain so ill see where that gets me...could anyone help or any advice please

It all began since I started receiving large payments from a known company, 3 payments were received one of them was $2500, and the two was $3000 each.
Paypal limited my account due to third party access, I know that no one accessed my account!!!!
So I started contacing paypal to explain and get more info on it.. Unfortunately I did not notice that I have to fax them the documents within 7 days. Actually my account was limited on August 30th, And I faxed them the documents on September 24th.

They asked for my ID, and sufficient inventory of each transaction (If they believe that someone else had accessed my account, asking for ID is reasondable, but I don't think that asking for source of payments is something reasondable!)
Anyway everything has been faxed to them days ago, yet no reply received, they seem to be ignoring my faxes/emails.

The account has $3000 cleared funds, also a seller is going to refund me $2000.. I don't know what to do!

If paypal decides not to remove limit from my account, am I going to be able to withdraw my funds after a period (example 180days..) or I just lost my money?

*My paypal is japanese.

processed $9800.00 from one of my customers, and $4000.00 from another. I run a busy cosmetic surgery center in Cali and transactions of this size are common business. I have had my own existing business in which I processed hundreds of paypal transactions over the previous year. As a favor, I was in the process of setting my biz partners "virtual terminal" up and in the meantime I put the transactions through my business. I sent the money to my biz partners ppal account moments after taking the transaction. The next day, I went to use my ppal debit card and was declined for $10.00! I knew I had at least 2k of my own money left and called the shitty support to find out I am -12,568.00. The placed a "hold" on the funds I already transferred and stated, "recent activity has required us to investigate your business." I submitted about 20 personal documents of my business as well as letters from surgeons, anasthesiologists, surgery centers ect explaining "the nature of my business."

Done? Retstored access? Hell No. I've called daily and have given about 4-6 hours a day of my resources to "provide additional information." I contacted all customers that are in the "hold" and they all stated they have been contacted by their creditors and the funds were released and authorized. Problem solved? Nope!

I took it a step further and had each customer contact paypal to clarify the charges were valid. They requested further "information" from them and they submitted this info. Still no resolution. Money is still under "suspicious activity" possible fraudulant charing.

I was told today, regardles of THE CUSTOMER CALLING THEM AND VERIFYING, that the money may be returned to the creditor. Leaving my balance -12,568 including my REAL money balance of $2k. GONE. please help.

Okay I need your guys help. I've been reading this forum for quite some time but i haven't really posted.

Question: I got limited by the famous paypal because they wanted proof of my suppliers....

Anyways.... I closed my ebay account because you basically can't sell without paypal, plus I've gotten tired of the buyers who think shipments will arrive in the US from Canada "magically in 1-2 weeks or less"...

Anyways ot make a long story short Here's my problem:

I got people claiming now quite a list too...PayPal told me they do NOT protect international sellers (so us from Canada) about 4 reps already told me that when I called in. They told me I HAVE TO HAVE PROOF OF SHIPMENT in a FORM OF A "TRACKING NUMBER ONLY".

Well I find this really stupid....My buyers didn't pay me to send this expedited (express) which is the only way in Canada to ship with a tracking number and this costs a tone more - buyers didn't want to pay for this kind of shipping...they wanted it to go the cheapest way possible, no one asked for tracking info to pay extra for insurance, no buyer did.

What I do have is the customs form filled out and stamped by the post office. It has all the detailed information: From, TO - buyers address, name, the goods shipped "which I identify always what it is like say its a CD or DVD- I put what exactly it is). It has the postal outlet number, date, cost of shipment, and is STAMPED.

PayPal told me after I faxed them every proof which is the customs form.... they said this isn't good enough? How is that not proof of shipment, it is even the post office and customer service number in Ottawa told me so. So Paypal is messing around and allowing these people to get refunds for no reason....This system is sooo pathetic.

Anyone had htis problem? or any suggestions? I mean what I have is proof of shipment.

I already also had 2 buyers who I offered to scan this to them "decline". Which is another reason paypal shouldn't give them there money back

Well, there was a NON-ebay purchase direct to the manufacturer of a product via paypal

Damaged goods arrived and the manufacturer won't refund me

I called the paypal claims dept and the lady said that they can only pursue accounts who have purchased through ebay

What really throws a wrench into this whole thing is that the company's employee of years scammed by refunding the money to me from the main paypal account and then telling me to forward to this other account

I thought nothing of it due to the months of research i did on the validity of the company, but this guy scammed me for 2K and th company for 100K

However, i talked w/the owner OVER a week BEFORE regarding suspicious activity and the owner did NOTHING about it and allowed damaged goods to arrive

He said he is not required to refund because they never got the money and that I'll have to get it from the employee

Anyway, can I use the arbitration clause in the paypal agreement to do my own arbitration since me and the other party agreed to such clause upon starting our paypal accounts?

In other words, is the arbitration clause limited to only just ebay and must arbitration only go through ebay; or can I bypass ebay per the clause and set up my own arbitration hearing?

thorougly pissed off
i was a big paypal freak before
i couldnt tell my friends enough about them
but after having over £800 frozen from 2 accounts i could strangle the irish **** at the end of the phone
'suspicious activity' was the reason paypal gave me for my suspension.
rather hypocritical i thought
they couldnt give me a reason why, very cloak and dagger
this was follwed shortly after my suspension off ebay.
fellow (but rather larger) ****smokers
they just want too much info from me to reinstate my account.
does anyone know about this 180 day clause ?
will i get my cash back and how is it to be given back to me.
if there was a racist stereo typical paedophilic chicken shagging, shit eating, piss licking, willet crunching, bus driving, bend over blossom and take 2 barrels greatgrandmuvva****in word in the enlish dictionary to describe Paypal...........
(have i left something out?)
please tell me

About an hour ago, I got an email from paypal saying the following-


It has come to our attention that you may be the recipient of potentially unauthorized funds. We have initiated an investigation into this event. In the meantime, we have placed a temporary hold on the funds in question until the investigation is complete. This temporary hold will show as a deduction in your available balance. In the meantime, you are free to continue transacting using your PayPal account.

Transaction Date: Apr. 17, 2006 21:13:15 PDT
Transaction Amount: $799.99 USD
Payor's Email: *edited out*

If you have not delivered the goods or services related to this transaction, we ask that you delay or stop delivery until our investigation is complete as you may be liable for the amount in question.

To assist us in our investigation, please send an email to with the following information:

1. The item, service or purpose of the purchase, and the associated value;
2. The name and address given to you by the sender (if an item was purchased);
3. If shipped, the company used for shipping, date of shipment, and tracking number for the shipment;
4. Details of any other transactions related to the transaction(s) in question;
5. A phone number where you can be reached during the day and evening; and
6. Insurance information, if applicable.

Any additional information you have regarding this transaction, such as email correspondence, will further help us to expedite our investigation. Solving these cases helps us continue to offer PayPal as a secure and cost-effective payment service. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance.

PayPal Account Review Team


Now, I contacted the buyer and he said that he didn't do anything. Can paypal do this without the buyer even fileing anything?


In the last month I have sold quite a few items from my collection on ebay through PayPal to fund my start up video bsuiness and out of the blue last Friday 9-21 Jamile at PayPal calls my cell phone and demanded to know my supplier and shipper information. I have no disputes, no outstanding issues and all my sales/contacts have received their items fine (I pack pro with big bubble wrap). No issues at all!

I told them it was none of their business and they cancelled my two day old bank transfer from my account and locked it down so I can't tranfer my $2000 to my bank account. The best part is they couldn't tell me why and still can't? JUST BECASUE THEY FEEL LIKE IT....after 4 days I still don't have an answer or my money?

You lawyers out there..isn't this a violation of my rights and free trade in the US. My bank, FedEX, Post Office, business transactions and Government does not ask my source of supplier...PP is not GOD.

No but we are PayPal and can do anything we want with OUR Clients PayPal accounts that we want to....(no kidding...thats what Jonathan said the fouth time I called in to get my money)

Thanks for reading and be carefull

So awhile ago I sold something using Paypal, it was a Virtual Item and so there was no tracking number. I initially sold the item for $800. 3 Weeks later I get a message from Paypal saying the buyer has filed a dispute, this is after I got back from Vacation so i'm going to assume the buyer was hoping I wouldn't answer it in time, luckily I did with 3 days to spare. The buyer says he never recieved the item, even though he clearly stated it was for a virtual item when he sent the money in the note along with the payment. So it was clearly untrue, so I replied with my tracking number as "Intangible Item" and the dispute was ended in my favour. I thought that would be the end of it... but far from it.

2 Weeks after the Dispute was ended, I get another e-mail from Paypal saying that there is a chargeback pending on my account and that $800 was now on hold, making my account -$800. I immediately phone Paypal and the rep basically says I have no chances of winning and that they will "fight" it for me, but they cant do anything against Chargebacks. Which is shocking since this must happen alot.

So about a week later , after I e-mail Paypal's chargeback centre all the information about what happened, they tell me I lost. And suddenly my Balance is -$900, no idea where an extra $100 came from? They say it was because I payed for an item while my Balance was negative, but I know for a fact I never would send money unless I knew I had it in my balance, but apparently Paypal knows best.

About 5 days later I get a phone call from my bank asking when I will be restoring the Balance to my account, he says the balance is -$475, which I am shocked to hear... he says that Paypal has been attempting to make withdrawls from my bank every hour for the past 3 days.

I go to my bank, give them a check for $475 and close the account, I then go and cancel the credit card I had on my paypal account.

When I put the check for $475 into my bank I was under the impression that would appear in my Paypal balance soon after, considering all the withdrawls were from Paypal. But I wait 3 weeks and my balance is still -$900. So after phoning Paypal a few times and having to wait on hold while the reps look up my information only to come back and say, Yes sir we have no records of any money being withdrawn from your bank account. So I say, I will go to the bank and get a statment and fax it to you, once the money ($475) appears in my Paypal balance I will restore the rest.

I get the statment (This is 2 months after the initial transaction) and I see a few withdrawls from Paypal totalling only $150, the rest are NSF ITEM FEE for around $35 each. (Keep in mind the $150 that Paypal did take from my account never appeared on my balance either)

So now I understand what happened, since Paypal kept attempting to withdraw money even though my bank was at a balance of $0 my bank saw that basically as being bounced check, and charged me a $35 fee each time Paypal attempted to withdraw money , which I know for a fact they know what they are doing, since as soon as I called them to ask about this they said they dont cover that, immediately. So the $475 I payed, was just in bank fees from Paypal attempting to withdraw money from an account they know was already at a balance of $0.

So even though I've technically already payed over half of what the initial deal was I still owe the full $900, meaning im going to end up paying over $1300 in the end, for a deal, that I actually did deliver on and that was only for $800!

I felt so last at that point I was just going to pay the amount that I owed, so I Phone paypal and let them know im going to be sending them a check every week now for $100 until the balance is payed off, the rep says ok ill make a note of this on your account to assure it is not sent to a collection agency.

I mail a check to them, 2 weeks later its still not in the account, so I phone them and the rep says yes we have it and it will appear in your balance in a few days. I say ok, but a few days later I get a letter from a collection agency saying I have 10 days to pay this amount, go figure.

So now i've just sent a check for $738 to the collection agency, since I had already mailed Paypal the $100 check which they tell me they have recieved, but I can already see more problems coming from this since the Collection agency still says I owe $838 not $738.

Never using this company again, I used to think it was so convenient, but something completely stupid has cost me $1400 and made me lose the item I sent.

i have a question. paypal froze my account with 1337 dollars because the link it with another account that owed money to them. the money was paid in full and today they reviewed the account and told me that my account was still going to stay frozen and they will keep my money for 180 days and if i wanted to they will refund the money i have in my account... after i ship the items. isnt this stealing? is there any legal way to **** them the way they doing it to us?

You've heard the story before. Paypal limited my account for no apparent reason.
I've faxed them all the usual i.d, bank statement etc. Now they want me to fax them a copy of my catalogue??!! I don't have one of course, I'm a cartoonist not a branch of Ikea. I've told them this 3 times but the message doesn't seem to be getting through. Of course, I know, and I'm sure they know that any idiot with Photoshop could mock up a catalogue and fax it. So their insistence on this seems bizarre to say the least. Anyway I'm not even going to go down that line. I just want this over with. Even if I have to wait 180 days to get my money back. Thank God my business doesn't rely on processing all payments through them or I'd be in serious trouble right now.

I started using Pay Pal virtual terminal, and they pulled back $700 already in route to my bank, and "limited my account". Then, a customer cancelled his order. I went to give him a refund, and they pulled it out of my checking, but DID NOT ISSUE THE REFUND. All this is because of "someone associated with my account" that I can not get any detail on to even persue. They are now holding nearly $1000. And the bank pull to refund my customer is clearly fraud.

I just sold an online character for $2k . The deal was done ok and both seller/buyer left each other good feedback.
After 5 days the buyer filed a dispute for Unauthorized transaction. And I am being the seller, recieved only 1 email from paypal saying that the buyer have filed a dispute and they Returned all the 2k amount back to the buyer. And Didnt gave me enought detail.

When i tried to contact seller and he sold me that he didnt purchased anything from me. This is really rediclous. Paypal didnt do any investigation and returned the amount back to buyer. Is there anything i can do to prove that he purchased the items from me ?

All i have is the Feedback he left and the reciept that i got for the Transfer of Character to his account.

I signed up with paypal, got verified in every way they asked. I sold 1 item on ebay for $280. Then BOOM, they limited my account asking for proof of supplier, ss#, credit check address, ect. I completed all of those steps, then more sales came in (a total of 5). So now i have $1700 in my account that i cant withdrawal. They told me to provide all of the tracking #'s, then after i did that, they told me to wait until the packages have been delivered. So i waited, they got delivered, and then the limitation was taken off. I withdrawed the funds into my bank account, and that same day, they reversed the withdrawal and limited my account again saying my account is tied with another account?? HOW THE HELL DO I GET MY MONEY!! Ive already shipped all 5 of the items sold. They have arrived to the customers with no problems, ive provided all the info paypal needs.....PLEASE HELP!!!

I sent all the info they required.. But I still got suspended...

What I do now, can I keep conplain the get my acc. back, or any advise?

After eight years with eBay and I don't know how long with PayPal (since they began) I have had enough. I have been scammed a couple of times by eBay sellers and each time both eBay & PayPal (since the takeover) have found in my favor. Of course eBay just says, "So sorry, so sad) and PayPal tells me that there isn't any money in the Seller's account. They were smaller amounts. I didn' even think to contact AMEX either time.

But just last week I sent a $2000 payment to a Verified Premier accouht Seller using AMEX. She e-mails later that night asking if I ask scammer because she was told that there was a hold on the funds while PayPal investigates. Meanwhile my account history shows the transaction completed. I immediately post a Dispute since I smell a scam and two days latter the charge shows up on my card. In the interim she claims to have been in contact with PayPal via phone and is all p-o'ed because they asked a bunch of questions. Two days latter I get an email from her saying that PayPal made her close her account and open a new one. All this time she is still showing as a Verified Premier account. What's the - Verified - represent then?

She has emailed me that PayPal has reversed the transaction and I should be seeing the money back in my account, Well it is still not showing up. I have not heard a thing from PayPal other than "Awaiting Seller Reponse". The seller and I have been in contact all the while now that the impression that each of us has scammed the other has faded, but PayPal has my money according to here and isn't telling me anything. Which is really making me suspicious of PayPal!

I found this site by googling the 402 number and was surprised after reading many of these threads that PayPal is allowed to stay in business!

I can not begin the dispute process with AMEX until I receive my hard copy of my bill so I am in a wait and see mode.



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