SIGNUP: Consumer Complaint Service

To use this service, we require ALL of the information that we request from you. Without this information, it will be impossible for us to effectively submit the agreed upon complaints in your name, on your behalf. If we require more information in order to process your complaints, we will contact you promptly. Your personal information will be destroyed upon completion of this service and not used further for any other purpose.

Please remember, the cost of this service is $12.95 and is currently available ONLY to RESIDENTS OF the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and Canada.

First & Last Name

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How long have you been using the PayPal Service?

What is the total amount of money in dispute?

U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY: Are you registered to vote? If you are unsure, check "NO."

In the text box below, describe your PayPal problem. You can format it any way you wish. If it is easier to explain everything in story format, do it that way. Be sure to include as many details as possible. This includes what the problem is, how did the problem happen, how is this problem harming you, how did you try to resolve this problem, what was the outcome of this resolution process, did you talk to PayPal, names, dates, times, etc. if you have that information. If we require clarification or more details, we will contact you as soon as possible.

BROWSE: Upload any attachments using this feature (example: upload text, photos, copies of documents, etc).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: After you have finished this form, go back and review all of the information to make sure it is correct. By clicking the SUBMIT button below, you are giving express permission to submit the agreed upon complaints in your name and on your behalf. You agree that is not responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of the information that you submit to us. You are responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information that you submit to us. By clicking the SUBMIT button, you understand that this is a PAID SERVICE and no service will be performed by until such payment is made. You understand that should you change your mind about using this service -- even after you have submitted the information to us -- you can cancel your use of this service by not paying for the service. There is NO PENALTY for such cancellation. Once you have paid for the service, we will provide it and NO REFUNDS will be considered (unless agreed upon service, for whatever reason, WAS NOT PERFORMED). By clicking SUBMIT you agree that you are giving and their authorized agents limited power of attorney to submit complaints on your behalf and in your name. This limited power of attorney expires when the tasks outlined in this paid service are completed and submitted to you, the purchaser, in a timely manner.

Click the SUBMIT button to submit your information. Click the RESET button to clear this form and start over.




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