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Please read the following carefully: This is a service offered by to users of this website. This service is currently available ONLY to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland. Previously, this service cost $25.95...

This month (September 2011), ONLY $12.95 (Includes our BONUS eBook "Screw-PayPal's Avoiding PayPal Problems: How to Prevent your PayPal Account From Getting Limited" that was previously sold by us for $27) and lifetime VIP email/live chat support! But forget about that for moment. Let's talk about your PayPal problem!

...Here's your chance to hit back at PayPal - and have us do all the work! But please don't's our pleasure! 

You can't afford to not read on...currently, your PayPal account is limited and you don't have access to your funds. Or you've been scammed and PayPal isn't doing a thing to help you. Either way, you're losing money and you don't know what to do! At this point, what have you got to lose? Sit back, be patient, and read on!

Many people are on-the-go and have little time to wage a consumer battle with a large and powerful corporation. Filing one complaint, or two complaints, or even three complaints is often not enough to get the results you deserve. PayPal depends on this fact in order to protect themselves against consumer action. PayPal knows, statistically, very few of its wronged customers will actually make good on their threats to follow through with further complaints beyond those already made directly to PayPal. Read through, or ...SIGN UP AT BOTTOM OF THE PAGE!

When those few persons actually do file a complaint, these persons write poorly written complaints to PayPal, the Better Business Bureau, and maybe a state Attorney General. These persons end up disappointed when their complaints get them no where. So what went wrong?

These people did not get PayPal's undivided attention. These people's concerns were brushed away like a house fly at dinner. A new strategy is needed: Get PayPal's attention and force them to deal with your complaint. When you get too big to ignore, PayPal will solve your problem just to make you go away.

How do you get PayPal's attention? Bad publicity (and then let them know that they're getting it). is in a unique position to provide that. Heck, the founder of this site got his $40,000 that was frozen by PayPal back BECAUSE OF this website! Now you can use's pull for your own benefit!

There are numerous strategies and suggestions outlined in this site's RESOURCES area. You are encouraged to make use of the information given there! However, if you don't have the time, the patience, or the ability to write effective complaints against PayPal, is here to get you started!

How Can Help You:

Based on the information you submit to us, will create powerfully written, persuasive and customized complaints which will be submitted on your behalf. Additionally, we will devise a CUSTOMIZED step-by-step action program for you to follow based upon your particular situation: The goal? Fix your problem (getting your money back, item(s) back, account fixed, etc.).

We submit a maximum of 26 complaints on your behalf AND we customize a step-by-step action program for you to solve your PayPal problem based upon your specific needs!

...Additionally, once we submit these complaints on your behalf and in your name, you will receive a customized letter written by us for you to mail to PayPal, Inc. This letter will highlight your complaint that you have with PayPal as well as detail to whom you have filed complaints with. will supply you with the correct address to send your letter to. That WILL get PayPal's attention!

IMPORTANT: The persons and agencies we submit complaints to on your behalf will REPLY DIRECTLY TO YOU and NOT

They will never know we submitted the complaints. These persons and agencies will advise YOU of what actions they are to take and what you can do, at that point, to assist them. You will be in direct control of the complaint process -- the hard work will have already been done for you!

What's All This Really Supposed To Accomplish? GUARANTEES that using this service dramatically INCREASES the probability that PayPal will consider your complaint and attempt to resolve it as quickly as possible. Without using our service, your just another customer that PayPal can push around! ...Plus, if anything, it annoys the heck outta Paypal!

You're hiring us for our experience, our creativity in dealing with these problems, and our ability to put that all together to create a winning strategy that will help solve your PayPal issues (and, sometimes, by extension, your eBay problems, too).

Remember, this service is the equivalent of lobbing a nuclear bomb at PayPal -- they cannot ignore you. If they cannot ignore you, they WILL give you what you want just to make you "go away."

PayPal wants to avoid any negative publicity that would result in a decrease of the public's use of the PayPal service. PayPal wants to avoid any further legal or regulatory scrutiny that your complaints will generate. That costs them money -- and puts many senior executive jobs on the line.

That is the heart of the multiple complaints strategy: This service is here to ensure you utilize this strategy to its fullest and most effective means by crafting well written, understandable, and actionable complaints.

Can You Summarize The Whole Service For Me? Exactly WHAT Am I Paying $29.95 For?

***SPECIAL SEPTEMBER 2011 PRICE: $12.95***

(1) Based on our list of persons and agencies, we skillfully write your 100% CUSTOM PayPal complaints and submit them, on your behalf, and in your name. These are CUSTOM complaints. We DO NOT use forms or templates. We actually look at your specific case and create your complaints specifically from the information that you provide. No two complains are ever the same! ADDITIONALLY, based upon your specific set of circumstances, we will devise a step-by-step plan for you to follow to get your PayPal account unlimited again. This may include using methods that you may not have thought of before: we'll deal with your scammer (if that's your problem), we'll assemble the appropriate materials needed for law enforcement (sometimes even the threat of this alone is enough to solve your problems), we'll look at your problem from EVERY angle and surprise you with options that you never knew existed!

(2) Within 72 hours after your information and payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation via the email address that you provided to us. This confirmation will include the dates your complaints were submitted and who your complaints were submitted to.

NOTE: A FREE email account will be made in YOUR NAME by us so that you can receive the replies to your complaints. In the confirmation email, you will be given the THAT EMAIL ACCOUNT NAME AND PASSWORD. You will receive instructions that you are to CHANGE THE PASSWORD so that you are the only person with access to that email account.

You will receive copies of EACH of the complaints that we submitted on your behalf. Additionally, you will receive a letter in this email that you must print and send to PayPal Inc. immediately. We will supply the proper PayPal address for you.

(3) You send the letter that we have written for you to PayPal Inc. We provide the correct contact information and the correct information regarding HOW this letter should be sent.

(4) You wait for a reply from PayPal and a reply from the persons and agencies that we have contacted in your name, on your behalf. Based on those replies, you will know what actions must be taken next. Who knows, that reply from PayPal might be the answer you are looking for!

BONUS: If, at this point, you require further assistance, you can contact us using an email address that only customers of this service have been provided. Submit your question/problem along with your CUSTOMER ID NUMBER. You will receive PRIORITY TREATMENT AND HELP!

BONUS: If PayPal has sent you to a collection agency, we will inform you of what your rights are according to the Fairness and Credit Reporting Act AND supply you with the necessary forms, tools and information to SAVE YOUR CREDIT RATING and get the collection agencies OFF YOUR BACK.

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Why are you offering this service?

ANSWER: This service is being offered for your benefit and for ours. Many people SAY they will file a complaint against PayPal and never do. This is a disservice to the person wronged by PayPal and is a disservice to the people who have already filed complaints against PayPal. The more complaints that are filed against PayPal, the more results you will get. Other complaints made by other people HELP YOU. When you make a complaint against PayPal you help yourself and you help somebody else too! This is how benefits. Offering this service ensures that complaints will be filed. is here to not only inform, but to fight against PayPal and her business practices!


QUESTION: Why do you charge money for this service?

ANSWER: A fee is charged for this service because it is a lot of work and there are expenses associated with offering this service. The service costs $29.95 to use. If you break it down, you are paying about $1 per customized complaint filed -- and think of the lifetime bonus help that you'll be getting. You don't have to spend the hours it would take to CAREFULLY write and SEND all of these complaints! We do all the work for you! Add that into the cost, and we are doing this service almost for free!


QUESTION: What do you do with the money made from this service?

ANSWER: Any monies received are not used for personal gain. All monies generated by this consumer help site are used to support the existence of this website, improve the content and services offered by this website, and used in any activity or project that involves challenging PayPal. An example of this is the funding of a Michael Moore-like documentary film exposing PayPal.


QUESTION: Can I do this myself?

ANSWER: YES! You are encouraged to file your own complaints against PayPal! However, we know and understand most persons do not have the time to spare to write their own complaints and follow through on their submission. Also, many persons lack the skill to write good complaint letters. Communicating using the written word is an art -- persuading your reader to see YOUR SIDE of the coin using the written word is also an art. We are here to help with that!


QUESTION: Why did you choose the list the way you did?

ANSWER: The list of persons and agencies to complain to were chosen based on their ability to create the "perfect storm" of pressure and publicity against PayPal. While you may not understand why we have chosen certain persons or agencies to complain to, we understand our strategy as to why we picked those. We believe them to be the most effective combination. IF YOU HAVE A SUGGESTION, we welcome it! There is new information coming along each and every day. If you have new information to offer us, please DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US AND SUBMIT IT FOR OUR REVIEW!


QUESTION: How long does it take you to complete your service to me?

ANSWER: Based on the information you give us and based on the complexity of your case, it can take as long as three hours to write all the complaints and file them. It can take an additional hour to organize your case and create a file based on your information. This service is very labor intensive and the utmost care is taken for each individual case. Therefore, it can take up to 72 Hours before we get back to you. However, in most cases we complete the work within 24 hours of your payment!

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up for's Consumer Complaint Service is easy. Click on the link provided below. Fill out all the information that is requested of you.

After you have submitted your information to us, select a payment method & send us the $12.95 fee (***SPECIAL SEPTEMBER 2011 PRICE***). After that, we do all the work for you!


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