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If PayPal Inc. stopped treating their customers like steaming piles of morning farm animal shit, they would not have to even worry about websites like this in the first place (in our opinion).

Our legally registered domain names, "" and "" is not intended to, nor does not, infringe on PayPal's service mark. This website is engaged in consumer criticism towards a very retarded and tone deaf company (in our opinion). Again, no reasonable person would deduce that this site and or PayPal Inc. are affiliated or the same.

We further reserve the claim that "PayPal" was coined by the owner of this site (as proven by the official date of domain registration) and was not a brand name or concept of PayPal Inc. that was made public by eBay or PayPal Inc. at the time of registration. We therefore contend, again, no reasonable person would assume PayPal (as when actually viewing the site) is affiliated, connected to, or endorsed by PayPal Inc.

This website will fight a very public, multi-fronted legal and public relations battle with any parties who attempt to interfere with our freedom of expression. That includes any challenges to the existence of this website or challenges based on the use of any domain names that are associated with this site.

If any FACTS published by this website are found to be in error, we will correct those facts within a reasonable period of time after said fact was discovered by

If any FACTS published by this website are found to be in error -- and said error is brought to the attention of us by those not affiliated with this website -- we will make a good faith effort to correct the error providing SAID PARTY PROVIDE INDISPUTABLE, VERIFIABLE SOURCE(S) that the fact(s) we have are wrong. Exceptions to this include information we can independently verify. If we cannot verify the information ourselves (i.e., information we normally would not have access to such as internal company memos, documents, studies, statistics, or financials), you must provide it to us for our review.

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If you have further interest in the above topics, we urge you to investigate further. Regardless of where you live, freedom and democracy are important rights. Freedom and democracy are not free. At times we must fight for our rights and the rights of others by battling entities that are more powerful, influential and wealthier than we are. In the end, however, we have the power. We are the consumers and the customers. Without us, corporate America is powerless. We make corporations rich, and corporations should not use their wealth against us to silence us when we are not pleased with their actions. If you have questions or comments about this legal section, use the contact link located at the bottom of this page.

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