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Let me thank you personally for visiting this website. I hope you are enjoying the unique content and finding the information on this site useful.

I created this website for you and for me. For me, because I needed an outlet in which to channel my anger at having been screwed by PayPal -- for you, because I know people like you need a place where they can go in order to find answers. It helps to know that you are not alone.

If you found this website useful, laughed out loud at something you saw or read here, come here on a regular basis or just hang out in the forums or chat room, consider making a donation to this site.

Your donation will help ensure this site stays around and gets even better! Your money would go towards renewing this domain name, paying hosting fees, paying for additional bandwidth, hardware and needed software. These new improvements will be made to add more features to this website as well as fund larger projects that will be used towards continuing our battle with PayPal Inc (Example: a PayPal documentary exposing PayPal and the people who work there). Your donations could also be used to help fund any legal expenses should eBay Inc. or PayPal Inc. decide to take legal action against this site or should this site decide to take legal action against PayPal and company.

NOTE: NO money generated from this website is used for personal profit or for personal use. All monies generated from this website are used FOR this website or for other anti-PayPal projects.

With or without making a donation, this site will be here for you -- and you will always be welcome.


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