PayPal AlternativesTop 2 Picks: For Use With eBay

Remember, the list that we had to pick from comes from eBay's own "Accepted Payments Policy" list. That means, we have to find a service that best fits the needs of everybody from the choices they have provided.

The choices eBay has provided were carefully designed to NOT fit the needs of everybody or even most persons. eBay's policy has been designed to limit competitors against PayPal and steer more users towards Paypal. Therefore, the question Screw-PayPal had to ask was this: of all the services eBay approves for use on its website, which TWO, is of the most benefit towards the widest possible audience?

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Based on the list eBay has provided, and based on our own criteria, here are's TOP 2 PICKS:

Top 2 Picks: For Use With eBay -- Recommended for ALL

EFFECTIVE December 31, 2007 -- OUT OF BUSINESS

When it comes to auction payments, BidPay is PayPal's closest competitor. This service is allowed on eBay sites all over the world. BidPay has been around a long time. After closing in 2005, they were sold and opened back up for business (CyberSource Corporation owns them now). This service is available only to those who wish to send and receive payments for auctions. Bidpay is accepted on every major auction site in the United States. BidPay allows users to send and receive payments from all over the world.

THE SERVICE: Buyers from the United States and around the world can use their debit cards or credit cards to make their eBay (or other auction) payments. Sellers receive their payment via Western Union Money Order or directly into their checking account (U.S. residents only).


PROS: Very easy to register and use -- users can sign up and be using the service in under ten minutes. Good buyer and seller protection. Unlike PayPal, BidPay will assume all risks for fraud and chargebacks. Terms of service is very customer friendly. Not a whole lot of complaints out there that might raise concerns that this is a bad company. Available to an international audience. A practical way to accept payments on eBay and other auction sites. Seller fees on both international and domestic transactions are very reasonable (comparable with PayPal, lower than a traditional merchant account). For buyers: THERE ARE NO SERVICE FEES. BidPay is free for buyers to use. BidPay's customer service numbers are easy to find and email support is available.

CONS: Not as widely accepted as PayPal. BidPay is going to have to "catch fire" to catch up with PayPal on eBay and other auction sites. Customer service takes about 48 hours to answer an email. System glitches occur from time to time. Can only be used for sending and receiving auction payments.

OVERALL: Highly recommended to eBayers and other auction users from the United States and around the world. The system works great and allows a person to make a living without worrying about frozen or limited transactions. This alternative will only get better and become more accepted on such sites as eBay when more persons sign up with them. If you have a product somebody wants, and only accept BidPay, your customer will signup just to buy your product. And then on and on it would go.


Merchantinc -- Recommended for US Sellers Only is a website that offers eBay Compatible credit card processing services for US residents only. The services are provided by National Merchant Bancard, a well-known and highly respected U.S. Merchant Account Provider. After researching over 40 U.S. merchant account providers, we have chosen National Merchant Bancard because of their no setup/no cancellation fees approach. Their monthly fees for website processing, along with eBay processing, is only $7.95. That, by itself, is a great deal, not to mention that their transaction fees are LOWER than PayPal! Included with their services is an ebay compatible shopping cart system, payment gateway and merchant account. The application process takes about 5 minutes, is completely online, and most people are ready to begin accepting credit cards the same day. I have stressed before, the benefits of using a traditional merchant account over PayPal, for many reasons, among them, your funds are deposited directly into your bank account, NOT a PAYPAL ACCOUNT! This gives you far more control of your money and your business. Plus, with a merchant account, your funds are protected by federal banking regulations "Since your merchant account is provided by a real US bank". Unfortunately, PayPal is not considered a bank in the United States, and therefore it does not have to adhere to federal banking guidelines.

PROS: Reliable, Secure Payment processing solution. Accepted on Ebay. No setup fees. No cancellation fees. Very low rates. Easy to setup. Perfect for use on websites as well.

CONS: Only currently available for U.S. Merchants and Ebay sellers.

OVERALL: Highly recommended as an alternative to PayPal and as an alternative to receiving online payments. This is one of my personal favorites. Sign up and take it for a test drive -- you won't be sorry!

LINK TO Merchantinc


Allpay logo -- Recommended for U.K. Only

This payment service is approved for use on all eBay sites around the world including the United States and Europe. This company is based in the United Kingdom. It has a rock solid reputation (even collecting payments for various local and state governments) and a customer service that is fast, efficient and caring. This should be a top PayPal alternative to residents and citizens of the United Kingdom for use on eBay and for general use as well. While it is approved for us on eBay, the service is USELESS for residents of the United States and Canada. The service can be used in western Europe (Example: The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany)

THE SERVICE: is an umbrella company providing many e-commerce solutions. Users must sign up for services INDIVIDUALLY. The services offered include Swipe card payments, direct debit, internet payments, mobile phone payments, general bill payments and their online payment service Go&Pay. Go&Pay is what you would sign up for when you want to accept payments on eBay, make a payment on eBay or a general online payment that is non-eBay related.


PROS: Backed by a respected and well managed company, merchants can accept cash or debit card payments online, gives merchant's customers more online payment options, works seamlessly with other payment options offered by the company, gives consumers the option of paying for online purchases with cash or debit cards, consumers can make online credit card payments, buyers and sellers are protected from fraud, and is easy to use. Reasonable fees are a major plus.

CONS: Trying to figure out HOW to sign up can be confusing -- you really have to search. This system was not designed for use in major markets like the United States. They do not offer a FAQ on how to use their service. You have to learn or contact their customer service.

OVERALL: Excellent e-commerce solution for those who want to buy and sell on eBay, make general online payments and be able to accept online payments for their business -- if you are resident of the United Kingdom. NOT recommended for users of the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.



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