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If eBay were a fairy tale, the story might go something like this: "Once upon a time, in a land far-far away, there lived a man who dreamed of a worldwide market place where all the good citizens of the world could buy, sell and trade their goods. Seeing only the good in people, this man, one night had a dream -- and in that dream he saw red, blue, yellow and green. He saw "eBay." And what we saw, he made reality. And, for a while, it worked. The company grew strong based on a reputation for fairness and efficiency. Then the dark days came -- the company and it's leaders shunned innovation and embraced greed and profit taking at all costs. Sensing this chance, those people in the world who were not honest came to the formerly jovial and friendly eBay to prey on all the innocent buyers and sellers. Buyers stopped getting what they paid for. Because there were too many evil sellers afoot who only sold stories and not real goods. Sellers sold but never got any money -- and they lost their goods as well. Because there were too many evil buyers afoot who paid with PayPal and then reversed the charges. The evil sellers laughed at their good fortune. The evil buyers laughed at theirs. And eBay and PayPal laughed all the way to the bank..."


Looking for an eBay Alternative?

If you are looking for an eBay alternative, you have your reasons. Because you have your reasons, do I really need to explain to you what is wrong with eBay right now? The answer is no. Additionally, you have your own reasons. But there is something that should be explained before you continue.

If you have visited the "PayPal Alternatives" section of this website, you will notice that I wrote something very important regarding "PayPal Alternatives." And that is: Most of the companies that are competing against PayPal are young and growing. They don't have all the features -- all the bells and whistles -- that PayPal has. People have to start using these alternatives and help these companies grow.

The same is true with all those companies trying to compete with eBay. They are young and they do not have all the features that eBay has -- yet. Again, people have to signup with these companies and use them. That is not to say there are not any good eBay alternatives out there. There are! And you can take a look at some of them below.

NOTE: There are more than what we have listed here. New alternatives will be added shortly until we have a complete selection here!

Alternatives to eBay:




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